The Sustainability Revolution

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The current focus on the importance of sustainability reporting and the need for governments and business to beware of, understand and plan for the sustainable future of our world, is nothing short of a revolution. It is in this context that the EY Excellence in Sustainability Reporting Awards has become one of the key indicators of the response of business to the need to provide information to their stakeholders about their plans for creating a sustainable future.

The purpose of these Awards is to encourage excellence in the quality of sustainability reporting to all stakeholders by South Africa’s top companies and state-owned entities.

Each year EY offers all companies, not just those included in the Awards, an opportunity to get a detailed analysis of how their sustainability reporting stacks up against their counterparts in business.  The sustainability reporting is reviewed using the same guidelines that are used for these Awards and a benchmarking report is issued. The benchmarking report contains practical suggestions and comments that can be used to improve the quality of future reporting by an organisation.  The benchmarking report is prepared either by the University of Johannesburg adjudicators or by members of the EY Climate Change & Sustainability Services.

2011 Excellence in Sustainability Reporting results:

See our full 2011 Excellence in Sustainability Reporting Awards brochure (pdf, 1.2mb)  .