Sustainability Strategy Development and Management

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There is an increasing demand for businesses to manage their sustainability opportunities and risks. This includes the identifying those opportunities that would assist the future success of the business. The development of a sustainability strategy needs to factor in the need for an environmental management system that would protect business from environmental risks (including compliance with legislation and regulations). This needs to identify opportunities and risks that may arise from having an understanding of the life cycles of new products and services as well as the potential the improvement of supply chains. A current trend is the assessment of the benefits from understanding the savings that can be achieved from green buildings.   

Our specific services that we can provide you with insights and an effective solution include:

  • Developing your sustainability strategy
  • Building your environmental management system
  • Undertaking a life cycle analysis of products
  • Advising on supply chain transformation
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Project readiness
  • Green Building certification

Please contact any of the following for further information:

  • Jeremy Grist - Director, Climate Change and Sustainability Services
    +27 11 772 3029
  • Loshni Naidoo - Associate Director, Climate Change and Sustainability Services
    +27 11 772 5318
  • Sian Browne - Associate Director, Supply Chain
    +27 11 502 0119
  • Benny de Lange - Senior Manager, Environmental Services
    +27 11 77 2 3946
  • Kelly Gilman - Senior Manager, Climate Change and Sustainability Services
    +27 21 443 0473
  • Oscar Baruffa - Assistant Manager, Green Building Certification
    +2711 502 0160