Financial and non financial measurement, reporting and assurance

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Ernst and Young’s CCaSS financial and non-financial measurement and reporting services can help you build or fine tune your identification of risks, controls, and monitoring activity within your CCaSS reporting. The pressure on businesses to improve their sustainability performance, reporting and assurance is set to intensify. The development and a route map for the development of an integrated report (including the approach to obtaining assurance) is also critical to your business’ future reporting. We can assist you in this process by providing practical guidance, advice and access to international best practice and Thought Leadership.

Integrated reporting advisory

- Evaluate clients' external sustainability and integrated reports
- Benchmark integrated and sustainability reports to provide feedback and recommendations for improvement
- Provide advisory services to clients on identifying their material issues, CSFs and KPIs for inclusion in the integrated and sustainability report
- Sustainability accounting standards board

Independent financial and non financial assurance

- Provide assurance over sustainability and climate change related reporting principles, non-financial information and KPIs in sustainability and integrated reports
- Agreed upon procedures and report on factual findings

Climate change reporting advisory

- Advising on the reporting framework for aligning reporting on climate change matters in financial and non-financial information
- Advise clients to identify and document financial reporting risks and controls
- Evaluate the design effectiveness of internal controls over financial reporting across the enterprise relative to climate change
- Advising on the application of accounting principles and standards for emissions trading and other climate change transactions and products

Greenhouse gas data capture, measurement, reporting processes and monitoring advisory

- Design and implement data management systems and control environments for greenhouse gas management and sustainability programmes
- Establish, design and implement greenhouse gas inventories, monitoring, etc
- Undertake assurance of greenhouse gas accounts and footprints, carbon credit assurance under a range of schemes and carbon neutrality assurance against authoritative standards or agreed upon procedures