Supply Chain

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Identifying the carbon impact on your product lifecycle and the carbon impact on your business are both essential for being a sustainable business. Ernst and Young can help you identify sustainability impacts, plan with tax efficiencies in mind, as well as prioritise carbon improvements in your procurement policies and procedures.

Low carbon transformation services

- Identify and prioritize carbon reduction opportunities throughout the supply chain to deliver cost and carbon savings
- Advise on supply chain improvements

Product lifecycle management

- Analysis of GHG emissions on the product lifecycle management process, including impact of existing processes, benchmarking with leading practice, design of improvements required and resulting delivery/ implementation/ sustainment benefits
- End-to-end management of a product’s lifecycle to measure carbon footprint and assess potential carbon reduction opportunities
- New low carbon product introduction and related pricing/ procedures/ processes/ management requirements

Tax efficient supply chain management

- Perform tax-effective supply chain feasibility study for GHG emissions
- Design of tax-effective supply chain structures for support of lowering GHG emissions

Sustainable procurement review and assurance

- Identify and prioritize low carbon improvements required for procurement policies and procedures
- Assurance of the environmental and social data and other sustainability related information throughout of your supply chain