Corporate Governance Research Program

Climate Change and Sustainability Services

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There is continued focus on climate change, with questions being asked on what to do about it and how to respond to the potential impact of climate change. At EY we regularly provide insights into what the issues and, our responses to them and what we can do to assist our clients.

A study of the impact of Corporate Governance (King I to III) on Corporate Business in South Africa

Undertaken by the Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership at the University of Pretoria, this research is the first project of its kind in the world that will consider the impact on business of corporate governance principles over a twenty year timeline. As the lead sponsor of this research we are already seeing some interesting perspectives on the role that King has made on South African business. South Africa is a world leader in its adoption corporate governance in business. We are pleased to release the first in a series of interviews with senior business leader on their experiences of the impact of King over the last 20 years. In addition to the interviews please find the first in a series of short articles that focus on the trends that have arisen in these interviews.We have joined up with the Institute of Directors (IoD) to promote this research.

Integrated reporting

The most talked about aspect of King III, has been the introduction of the Integrated Report. In terms of King III all companies are required to prepare an integrated report which will include financial and sustainable reporting. The integrated reporting discussion paper 2011 provided some direction as to what an integrated report should include and who content should be directed towards, hence the idea of the stakeholder as opposed to just the shareholder.Previously we issued to awards focussed on Excellence and Sustained corporate reporting. This year we are launching the inaugural EY Excellence in Integrated Reporting Awards in September, which will include a review of the Top 100 companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and 10 State Owned Entities. These awards will be the first of such that would seek to evaluate integrated reports of companies. The intention is to recognise those companies who have taken a leading position in integrated reporting and demonstrated how they see such reporting reflecting their own business. The programme starts with the Excellence in Integrating Awards function and in September a workshop (to be held in Johannesburg and Cape Town) with Professors Bob Eccles and George Serafim, of Harvard University, who are leaders in the research on the future of corporate reporting.