Networking breakfasts

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Breakfast discussion sessions.

By the end of this session you could:

- Better understand your business challenges and opportunities
- Benchmark these against the behaviors and actions of market leading businesses
- Best position your business to overcome the barriers to your success

  1. Are you an Exceptional Enterprise? - CTICC Room 1.41 (1st floor)
    Hosted by two of our leading Strategic Growth Markets partners, Andrea and Cheryl-Jane will take you through a thought-provoking workshop covering our exclusive Exceptional Enterprise Framework. This framework covers the six key business challenges companies must address and the actions that need to take to become a next generation market leader.

  2. Sustainable job creation for Africa hosted by Uschi Schreiber, Ernst & Young, Public Sector - CTICC Room 1.42 (1st floor)
    Panel: By 2020, the rapid growth emerging markets will account for 50% of global GDP, 38% of consumer spending and 55% of fixed capital investment. As of 2012, the 5 BRICS members accounted for over 3 billion people and a GDP of $13.7 trillion. Join us as Uschi Schreiber, EY's Global Government & Public Sector Leader, leads a panel discussion with people on the front line - working to deliver sustainable job creation and employment generation. An experienced team will share their experiences and views on what works, the key success factors, what conditions are needed to embed systemic job creation - and the steps needed to achieve this. Rohan will also share specific experiences from the Madhya Pradesh project - a success story in India - that has implications for employment and growth elsewhere.

  3. Financial services: Thinking beyond the box: reconfiguring banking and insurance operating models to win in Africa hosted by Trevor Rorbye, Ernst & Young Advisory Africa. - CTICC Room 1.43 (1st floor)
    A discussion on how large financial services organisations have approached growth in Africa to date and how financial services organisations should approach business in Africa going forward. This discussion includes insights from three industry experts; Raimund Snyders, Chief Operating Officer from Old Mutual Africa, Dr Martin Oduor-Otieno Founder InvestAfrica. The session has limited time for interfacing with these industry experts and learning from their experiences. EY financial services team would like to invite you to a breakfast on the 8th March, 2013 to provide you with the opportunity to engage with the panellists personally and to get their first hand views. The EY financial services team will also be available to share more information about the 2013 EY Financial Services Customer Survey.

  4. Gas (and LNG) - the opportunity for sustainable growth in Africa hosted by Elias Pungong, Ernst & Young Oil & Gas - Africa. - CTICC Room 1.44 (1st floor)
    Join this presentation and dynamic discussion on the value of the resources to Africa and its people, how natural resources can be beneficial for all as well as how the development of resources leads to industry development and financial development.

  5. Real Estate session to be confirmed.

  6. Invest in Africa hosted breakfast - William Pollen. (By invitation only) The Westin