Business pulse: oil and gas

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How can you be confident your company is well placed to meet the risks and challenges currently on the horizon? And how can you know that opportunities aren’t passing you by? This report will help you answer both of these questions. It explores the top 10 risks and opportunities in the global oil and gas sector in 2013 and looking ahead to 2015.

This report takes the pulse of current thinking, insights and expectations from industry executives and EY specialists. The purpose of this report is to provoke discussion and debate about how your company is meeting today’s and tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities. Are the items on the global lists similar to those you are monitoring?

The risk and opportunity radar is a device that allows us to present a snapshot of the top 10 risks and opportunities for global businesses. The risks and opportunities at the center of the radar are those that we feel are the most impactful for major organizations worldwide. Arrows indicate the extent to which the risk or opportunity is likely to increase, decrease or remain the same between now and 2015.

Top 10 Risks and Opportunities

The research shows that HSE, regulatory compliance, price volatility and the increasing challenge associated with accessing reserves and markets, are the top risks identified by oil and gas industry executives.

Increasing emerging market demand now leads the opportunity ranking, which has moved up three places since our 2011 report. Continued growth of the world’s emerging economies will drive energy demand in these countries, and will increase more opportunities for oil and gas companies to expand in these markets.