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In today’s uncertain economic times, the most successful organisations recognise that it is crucial to build and maintain the confidence of their stakeholders. By telling their performance story effectively and consistently to the investment community, regulators, commentators and customers, they earn support for growth and change.

While the empirical record of performance delivered through financial reports is central, effective reporting goes well beyond the numbers. Our Growing Beyond research shows that companies which consistently outperform their peers spend more time and attention explaining their business strategy, risk assessments, environmental performance and contribution to the societies of which they are part.

Reporting magazine brings together insights and ideas which we believe will interest and inform business executives who are involved in reporting in its broadest sense.

The themes of greater transparency, long-term value creation and risk management are explored in this edition:

Running dry: As demand for water begins to outpace supply the second in our series on systemic risks examines the issues global business are facing and how they are tackling them.

How much is an idea worth? Patents are big business but assessing their worth and then quantifying that value in financial statements is far from straight forward.

Remuneration in the spotlight: Growing shareholder influence is forcing remuneration committees to be more transparent, and to ensure that executive pay drives long-term sustainable value.

The importance of insight: How can disclosures be improved and is disclosure reduction really the central issue.

Plus contributions from:

  • Cobus de Swardt, Managing Director of Transparency International
  • Louis Hughes, Audit Committee Chair of ABB Ltd, a Swiss-based multinational engineering firm
  • Kristel Kivinurm-Priisalm, co-founder of Estonia-based investment boutique Avaron
  • Ulrike Fricke, Managing General Partner at Triangle, a German venture capital group that invests in research spin-offs