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Michael Hornsby Michael Hornsby
Partner, Real Estate Funds Leader
+352 42 124 8310

Bruno Di Bartolomeo Bruno Di Bartolomeo
Partner, Assurance and Audit Services
+352 42 124 8493

Rene Ensch René Ensch
Partner, Assurance and Audit Services
+352 42 124 8373

Renaud Breyer Renaud Breyer
Executive Director, Financial Accounting and Advisory Services
+352 42 124 8255

Dietmar Klos Dietmar Klos
Partner, Tax
+352 42 124 7282

Mathieu Volckrick Mathieu Volckrick
Executive Director, Tax
+352 42 124 7014

Kai Braun Kai Braun
Executive Director, Advisory, Risk and Performance Improvement
+352 42 124 8800

Bob Fischer Bob Fischer
Partner, Accounting and Corporate Secretarial Services
+352 42 124 7526


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Trends in real estate private equity

Trends in real estate private equity

The real estate private equity funds sector is facing a period of significant structural and cultural change. Are you prepared?