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Advisory careers: help our clients manage risk and improve performance

Our Advisory service line focuses on helping clients to improve their performance and manage their risks more effectively. Particularly important in a challenging and uncertain business environment, with escalating competition.

We work with clients to address their specific circumstances and turn strategy into reality. Whether it's an improved finance function, enhanced supply chain or superior customer management, we’re able to offer added value. This is why Advisory is our fastest-growing service line and an energetic, fast-paced environment with nearly 20,000 professionals around the world.

For you, these circumstances offer a huge variety of challenges and the opportunity to make a serious impact on our clients’ businesses — and your own career.

Our integrated approach means your work will span all types of clients across a wide range of industries.

We’re looking for professionals with one or more of the following competencies:

  • Finance
  • Supply Chain
  • Customer
  • People and Organization Change
  • Program Management
  • Strategic Direction
  • Enterprise Intelligence
  • Enabling Technologies
  • ITRT: Information Security
  • ITRT: Application Risk & Controls (AR&C)
  • Risk Transformation

Within Advisory, we operate in several business areas. Explore the tabs to find out more.

Enhancing some of the world’s leading businesses

As one of our performance improvement advisors, you’ll be focused on helping clients improve business performance and operational efficiency while managing risk.

You’ll be part of multidisciplinary teams, bringing diverse perspectives to every challenge. You’ll have the opportunity to build your skills in one of our focused competencies, which include:


As a Finance team member, you'll provide the client with insights on globally integrated finance offerings such as: finance transformation, business performance management and shared services.

Supply Chain

As a Supply Chain and operations team member, you'll provide insights into supply chain transformation. You'll cover sourcing, procurement, inbound logistics, engineering, manufacturing, final assembly, and product service and delivery. You'll focus on helping clients run their supply chains effectively in order to improve their business performance.


As a Customer operations team member, you'll focus on assisting our clients in understanding the characteristics and needs of current and potential customer groups and align the organization, processes and products to meet the needs of and effectively service the various customer groups. You'll help the client to create optimal customer experiences through better use of technology, improved processes and proficient service representatives. You'll also help them to develop measures to evaluate key performance indicators and the return generated from sales and marketing investment.

People and Organizational Change

As a People and Organizational Change team member, you'll work with clients to help them manage their change management challenges. You'll also help them to develop their capabilities to more effectively manage constant change. This might involve supporting your clients as they develop a clear and concise vision of the future for parts or all of their organizations, or coaching the Board to convey the right messages during times of change.

Program Management

As a Program Management team member, you'll help clients access and manage large-scale programs. You'll help clients deliver projects on time, within budget and to high levels of quality.

Strategic Direction

As a Strategic Direction team member, you'll work with senior client executives on issues that cut across the enterprise and have a fundamental impact on business performance. You'll help clients by delivering solutions in areas such as: growth strategy, the strategic planning process, operating model design; strategic investment analysis, and enterprise cost reduction.

Enterprise Intelligence

As an Enterprise Intelligence team member, you'll assist clients by effectively and efficiently leveraging a set of technology enabled management and analytic processes that help businesses to operationalize strategic goals by measuring and managing risk and performance against those goals. Enterprise Intelligence is about creating measurable performance improvement through the use of the right information focusing on: business intelligence, enterprise performance management, information strategy and management, and risk and performance analytics.

Enabling Technologies

As an Enabling Technologies team member, you'll primarily focus on the design and optimization of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) packages like SAP, Oracle, and others. Our team typically works with Fortune 1000 clients across a variety of industries including Insurance, Banking and Capital Markets, Manufacturing, Pharma, Energy/Utilities, Transportation, Telecommunications and Entertainment/Media.

The enabling technologies practice advises clients to understand, architect, select and implement the core applications required to run their business. Your focus will be on helping our clients to achieve the following key benefits:

  • an optimal applications portfolio and governance structure that aligns with IT strategy and business architecture.
  • improvement in application performance driving higher customer (internal and external) satisfaction.
  • cost reduction and better investment decisions for applications infrastructure and services.
  • reduction in complexity and improvement in agility for applications to support changing business needs and risk mitigation.

Working with our clients to identify and respond to risk

Risk management protects business performance and helps sustain results. It’s about achieving a clear understanding of risks and developing plans to manage them.

As one of our risk professionals, you’ll work with multinational businesses and public sector organizations. You’ll help them develop an integrated, holistic approach to risk and benefit from their investments in internal controls.

You’ll deliver some of the most significant and class-leading internal audit and risk engagements globally. You’ll also team with our performance improvement professionals in multidisciplinary engagements, helping major global clients transform and sustain business performance.

By plugging into our market-leading global network, you’ll gain the experience you need to become an exceptional risk advisor.

Information Technology Risk Transformation (ITRT): Information Security

EY - CareersInformation technology is one of the key enablers for modern organizations. As an IT Risk and Assurance professional here, you’ll help clients leverage technology to achieve a competitive advantage, advising on how to make IT more efficient and manage the risks associated with running IT operations. This fast-growing area of our business is broken into two areas, IT Advisory and Cross-Advisory.

Information Technology Risk Transformation (ITRT): AR&C

EY - CareersAs an IT Application Risk & Controls team member, you'll focus on enterprise IT application assessment, governance, risk and compliance technology assessment, IT application and tool implementation. You'll deliver valuable insights to clients and enable them to make better business decisions through improved quality of information.

Risk Transformation

EY - CareersAs a Risk Transformation team member, you'll help clients address compliance, financial, operational and strategic risk. You'll conduct diagnostic assessments for internal audit GRC/ERM, internal controls and contract risk services. You'll work with clients to identify opportunities to improve governance, risk management and compliance functions via design of a future state leveraging internal methodologies and tools.


As a Healthcare advisory team member, you'll focus on providing advisory services in the following areas to address key Senior Leadership issues: revenue cycle, reimbursement/regulatory, finance transformation, supply chain, managed care-provider and managed care-payer operations.

Power and Utilities

As a Power and Utilities advisory team member, you'll help execute enterprise-wide performance transformation initiatives. You'll help turn strategy into reality. Our approach — grounded in industry-specific experience and committed to delivering measurable, sustainable results — helps clients adapt and succeed. Whether our clients need to protect their utilities business from today’s major risks or would like to improve performance and accomplish operational excellence, our services can help them achieve their goals.

Government and Public Sector

As a Government and Public Sector advisory team member, you'll focus on clients targeted in 5 groups: Health Care, Defense, National Security, International Development and Other Civilian Agencies. Our skill sets run horizontally through these five teams and are varied based on project. The Federal group combines commercial sector leading practices with an understanding of the public sector’s diverse needs focused on building the capability to deliver improved public services. We respond to specific issues by bringing together seamless teams of highly skilled professionals to assist with integrated solutions from our sub-service lines in the area of Risk, Information Technology Risk Assessment (ITRA) and Performance Improvement as well as Assurance. Current trends in the Federal Government that we are focused on include: reducing enterprise costs and improving operations, transforming services, mitigating operational risks with a focus on oversight, compliance and risk management and improving performance and accountability.