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Bribery and Corruption: Navigating the Global Risks - EY - United States

Bribery and Corruption: Navigating the Global Risks

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About the author

EY - Brian Loughman Brian Loughman is the Americas Leader of Ernst & Young LLP's Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services (FIDS) practice, which helps organizations address complex issues related to fraud, regulatory compliance and business disputes.

The practice works with diverse global clients including some of the world's largest companies and law firms, helping them conduct internal investigations, identify corruption and white-collar crime, assess fraud and compliance risk, calculate damages in disputes and provide expert witness testimony.

About the author

EY - Richard Sibery Richard Sibery is the Americas Leader for the Fraud Investigations practice within FIDS. Rick has 20 years of experience advising clients and their outside counsel on a wide range of accounting matters, including anti-bribery and corruption, fraud and forensic accounting and corporate internal investigations.

Rick has a wide range of experience in the bribery and corruption area including conducting diagnostic reviews, assessments, investigations and compliance services. He has also written and spoken extensively on bribery and corruption.

Anti-Corruption Compliance Program

EY - Anti-Corruption Compliance Program
The World Bank has estimated that 0.5% of gross domestic product (GDP) is lost through corruption each year.

Our recently released book Bribery and Corruption: Navigating the Global Risks highlights that increased pressure on global organizations to identify new revenue streams, a rapidly changing global business landscape and more stringent oversight regarding bribery and corruption from government regulators is creating new obstacles with significant cost implications for today's global companies.

Based on the authors' and contributors' many years of cumulative experience in the field, this book serves as a guide for senior executives faced with steering their company through high-risk business environments in a variety of industries and regions around the globe.

From emerging regions to developed nations, bribery and corruption continues to create an uneven playing field in trade, commerce and the process of government.

This trend combined with a heightened enforcement environment creates significant business challenges for global organizations that must be addressed through an understanding of anti-corruption regulations and a comprehensive anti-corruption compliance program.

The book tackles this important issue across the following topics:

  1. Compliance Programs
  2. Risk Assessment
  3. Monitoring
  4. Anti-corruption due diligence
  5. Investigations

Navigating the global risks of bribery and corruption

Today's business landscape is dynamic, fluid and often characterized by rapid change, regional differences and cultural contrasts that lead to significant business risks. Key among those risks is bribery, corruption and fraud. These issues, if ignored, can slowly drain a company's assets or severely impact short- and long-term growth plans.

Anti-Corruption Compliance Program

EY - Anti-Corruption Compliance Program

Regulatory authorities around the world are turning their attention toward enforcing existing laws and developing new, more stringent regulations concerning bribery, corruption and fraud. Increased enforcement around the globe continues to highlight the need for strong leadership, structured compliance programs and constant vigilance.

Companies that understand the regulatory backdrop and take proactive steps to implement the proper controls within the organization will be best prepared to compete in the global economy.

 About this book

The objective of Bribery and Corruption: Navigating the Global Risks is to help global companies and their executives understand relevant bribery and corruption legislation, the current enforcement environment and how to manage the associated risks.

Many companies and industries have made significant strides over the past decade to reform business practices and industries that were often associated with bribery, corruption and fraud concerns. But the goal of promoting transparency and leveling the playing field for all businesses is still far from complete.

 About the authors

EY - Richard Sibery EY - Brian Loughman

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