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EY Entrepreneur Of The Year participants tell us that the Entrepreneur Of The Year experience is one they will never forget and which continues to offer valuable connections even after the program awards are over.

Anthony Podesta, McMillan Shakespeare
2012 Australian Entrepreneur of the Year
"Entrepreneur Of The Year has also been an opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs and hear their stories. Going through the program you feel like you’ve been on a journey with a whole group of inspiring people."

Michael Malone, iiNet
2011 Australian Entrepreneur of the Year
"It was extraordinary hearing the stories from all the other nominees at the awards. One of the great things about the program is that stories can serve as inspiration to other people who are still out there working away to get their businesses off the ground."

Mark Evans, Dental Corporation
2010 Australian Entrepreneur of the Year National Finalist
"I've been really impressed with the quality and the organisation of the Entrepreneur of the Year program and it's given me the opportunity to meet some very interesting people."

John Spence, The Karma Royal Group
2010 Australian Entrepreneur of the Year
"Often as an entrepreneur we tend to live in a bit of a bubble. Entrepreneur of the Year makes you focus on what you do and why you do it. It's good to have that."

Greg Roebuck, Carsales.com
2009 Entrepreneur Of The Year
"I was a bit unsure of getting involved at first – but putting aside the shock of winning, it’s been a fantastic experience. The stories of the other competitors; the stories of the judges; the realisation that we as a nation have so many people willing to create and implement change, is just enormously inspiring."

Rod Jones, Navitas Limited
2008 Australian Entrepreneur Of The Year

"Through the Entrepreneur Of The Year program I’ve met a whole range of people in different industries that I would never have met otherwise and who, as entrepreneurs, think in a similar way to myself. There have been so many positive outcomes from being involved. It’s been one of the highlights of my life."

Shane Yeend, Imagination
2007 Australian Entrepreneur Of The Year

"Winning Australia’s most prestigious business award, EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year, is an incredible honour. Nobody talks of entrepreneurship as survival, but that is what it is. This award is an amazing accolade that makes you think of the long journey and those deep dark hours when it has all gone wrong and you just want to give up. I would recommend this program to all entrepreneurs, it is a great way to stop, look back and see what you have built."

Carolyn Creswell, Carman’s Fine Foods
2007 Entrepreneur Of The Year – Young

“I think it is important to recognise entrepreneurs in the way the EOY program does because often we are working with our head down in our own industry and this program makes us raise our heads and be recognised by our peers for our achievements.”

Tracy Thomson, Finite IT Recruitment Solutions
2007 Entrepreneur Of The Year – Services

“Fantastic, positive and very uplifting experience. The program has been so professionally run and has been a really slick production. One of the best things about Entrepreneur Of The Year is the people I’ve met, including those from EY and other finalists.”