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2016 National winners

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National winners

EY - Dr Andrew Walker and Glenn Keys, Aspen MedicalDr Andrew Walker and Glenn Keys
Aspen Medical Pty Ltd
2016 Australian EY Entrepreneurs Of The YearTM

Read more about Dr Andrew Walker and Glenn Keys
Dr Andrew Walker and Glenn Keys founded Canberra-based Aspen Medical in 2003, with the objective of providing high-quality healthcare in challenging and under-resourced environments. Aspen Medical is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative outsourced healthcare, employing more than 2,200 health professionals and support staff across Australasia, Africa, the United States, Europe and the Gulf Region. The company has clients in defence, mining and resources, oil and gas, Government and the humanitarian sector. Glenn and Andrew were awarded EY Entrepreneur of the YearTM 2006 National Services category winners. They were inducted into the EY Entrepreneur Global Hall of Fame in 2014, the first time a Canberra business had achieved this honour.

Chair of judge comment:

“There was significant competition among this year’s applicants but Aspen Medical stood out for its capacity to drive economic and social change on a global scale. Aspen Medical is an extraordinary business with the potential to make a huge impact in the health sector.

Andrew and Glenn design solutions to problems in a way that can move the world forward. It is an innovative and noble Australian business with global reach.”

EY - Tim Gurner,GURNER™Tim Gurner
2016 National Emerging category winner

Read more about Tim Gurner
Property developer Tim Gurner uses a targeted land acquisition strategy, coupled with a relentless focus on quality and design, to differentiate himself in the highly competitive residential market. Tim ran a successful gym before moving into property. After some successful partnerships, Tim founded his own development firm, GURNERTM in 2013, with the goal of creating owner occupier-focused, design-led buildings, while expanding nationally to ensure diversity and long term business growth. In the first 12 months Tim purchased eight development sites, including his iconic 990-apartment multi-tower FV project in Brisbane. GURNERTM now has a pipeline of more than 4,500 apartments under development in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Geelong.

The judges said:

“Tim has established a niche in a highly competitive market, focusing on exceptional quality and design. His energy and passion is clear, as is his talent in balancing risk to build a sustainable business.”

EY - Ray Dennis, Lightforce AustraliaRay Dennis
Lightforce Australia
2016 National Technology category winner

Read more about Ray Dennis
Lightforce Australia is a specialist manufacturer and exporter of high performance and durable lighting systems, founded by Ray Dennis. Lightforce was the first lighting company to patent polycarbonate driving lights and now deals with some of the largest car manufacturers globally in providing aftermarket lighting products, exporting to more than 50 countries. The wholly owned US-based Nightforce Optics business, produces riflescopes that are used on six continents in some of the most inhospitable environments on earth. In a further demonstration of his entrepreneurial drive, Ray owns the Paroo Pastoral Company, a productive land holding in South Australian and north western New South Wales.

The judges said:

“Ray’s commitment to innovation has allowed him to make significant inroads in a highly technical space, translating his skills across industries. He has demonstrated an ability to turn his ideas into world class businesses, designing new technologies to drive leading edge solutions.

EY - Bec Scott, STREATBec Scott
2016 National Social category winner

Read more about Bec Scott
Bec is the co-founder and CEO of STREAT, a social enterprise that tackles youth disadvantage and homelessness by providing life-skills, support, work experience and training to young people aged 16-25. Since starting its first street food cart in Melbourne in 2010, the organisation has grown to be running cafes, a coffee roastery, a catering company and shortly an artisan bakery. Across these businesses, the young people in STREAT’s programs have had over 40,000 hours of training and support opportunities, whilst helping serve over 1.5 million customers. By 2019 STREAT aims to be helping 365 youth each year and be completely self-funded through its business operations.

The judges said:

“Bec has established a strong and sustainable business model to create opportunities for disadvantaged youth. She is extremely passionate about her cause, collaborating locally and globally to provide the best possible support for some of our most marginalised. She is a strategic thinker, and a very impressive entrepreneur.”

EY - Radek Sali, Swisse WellnessRadek Sali
Swisse Wellness
2016 National Industry category winner

Read more about Radek Sali
Radek Sali joined Swisse Wellness (Swisse) in 2005. Swisse offers 260 products including dietary supplements, nutritional food and skin care cosmetics, available in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom. In 2014, Swisse signed one of Australia’s biggest licensing deals with a large international pharmaceutical joint venture. It plans to expand into 30 countries over the next five years. Swisse is a very popular brand in the Chinese market. Radek plans to continue expansion into China, diversify into infant formula, and expand the supply base. Swisse was named one of Australia’s 25 Best Places to Work in 2015.

The judges said:

“Radek has demonstrated resilience, agility and drive in pursuing opportunities to expand his business globally. He is a highly entrepreneurial thinker who has established significant brand value and an impressive growth trajectory.”

EY - Honan Family, Manildra GroupHonan Family
Manildra Group
2016 Family Business Award of Excellence

Read more about the Honan Family
Over three generations, Manildra Group has evolved from a family flour mill in Manildra, Central West NSW to a diverse Australian agribusiness; value-adding to wheat, sugar, canola, beef and lamb. Over the last 65 years Manildra have consistently maintained a strategy of investment in regional Australia, by expanding and integrating their operations. Constant innovation and reinvestment has led to a diverse product range supplying industries from food to pharmacy, fuel and energy, building to brewing and many more. Manildra exports to over 38 countries on every continent and domestically transports products to more than 5,000 locations. Led by Chairman Dick Honan, Manildra employs over 1,700 people with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Australia, United States and sales offices throughout Asia. Manildra Group remains entirely family owned and led and in 2017 will celebrate a 65 year history in Australia.