Entrepreneur Of The Year



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Nominations are sought at the regional level. National finalists will be allocated into a category following regional awards.


  • Emerging
    • Entrepreneurs 35 years of age or less at 30 June in the year of competition.
    • Entrepreneurs operating an emerging business which is between two and five years old
    • Entrepreneurs developing alternative/new business models or industries
  • Industry
    • Retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers of products from all industries including (e.g. online or bricks and mortar retailers, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, mining products, utilities such as electricity supply)
  • Services
    • Entrepreneurs leading service companies (e.g., financial, engineering, architecture, real estate, property, recreation and leisure, education, health, transport)
  • Technology
    • Entrepreneurs leading technology, media and telecommunications companies (e.g. technology developers, software, hardware, telecommunications, internet service providers, digital media and biotechnology)
  • FinTech
    • Non-competitive at regional level. Competitive at the national level.
    • Entrepreneurs leading a FinTech company that combines innovative business models and technology to enable, enhance and disrupt Financial Services (e.g. mobile payments, money transfers, loans, fundraising and asset management). Includes non-FS companies, such as telecommunication providers and e-retailers.

Award recipients

  • Social entrepreneur
    Non-competitive at regional level. Competitive at the national level.
    • Entrepreneurs who are primarily responsible for directing the activities and longer-term strategy of a social enterprise (not public sector)
  • Champion of Entrepreneurship
    Non-competitive at regional and national levels
    • Awarded to a leader with a long-term record of outstanding entrepreneurial achievement

National finalists from the four competitive categories and the Social entrepreneur award recipients compete against their regional counterparts at the national awards.