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Connecting EY’s alumni around the world

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Wherever your working world takes you, EY’s network is poised to connect you to more of the people you need to know.

Our EY Alumni network helps connect all our EY people, past and present, to more opportunities, more resources and more of the people that they need to know for the future.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, allowing alumni to continue to build on the legacy they created at EY and helping EY to continue to deliver on our promise to build a better working world.

In business, it’s not just what you know, but who you know; and in turn, who they know. Your EY network is the perfect place to build on your connections, build your personal brand and work with new people. The person you don’t know yet may just have the answer – or even a different question – that unlocks your next opportunity.

Working at EY puts you at the center of a connected and exclusive global network of people and experiences. Stay part of something special.

Stay connected.

Have a question about the EY Australia Alumni Program? Contact National Alumni Manager Jennifer Byrne on +61 8 9429 2411.

If you have a query for your city, reach out to your local alumni contact:

Julie Bever
Tel: +61 8 8417 1769

Laura Sidhu
Tel: +61 2 6276 3509

Jennifer Byrne
+61 8 9429 2411

Chelsea Carter
Tel: +61 7 3243 3717

Adelaide Cochrane
Tel: +61 3 9288 8503

Cat Ollerenshaw
Tel: +61 2 9248 4034