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On the ball

EY - Joe

  “So far, my highest profile engagement has been the project where an ASX listed company was bought by a foreign investment company. This was a hugely exciting project and my main role was to assist these senior people by keeping up with everything going on across all the different facets of project – across many different service teams who were providing the due diligence and tax advice. A partner would be on the phone with the client and they’d ask me how a particular loan was structured – I had to find the right file and find the answer on the fly!

As well as coordinating and organising all my EY colleagues, I did research, drafted calculations and reports, and prepared documents for the client. I reviewed ASX documentation and talked to specialists in Singapore to discuss different ways to structure and finance the project in the most tax effective way. It was really great seeing how different people in different countries had different perspectives on various strategies.

When you’re a junior team member working on such a large engagement with very senior colleagues, you have to have everything organised and up to date so the engagement runs smoothly. It was very satisfying to be the person who had everything under control. I made sure we could answer any questions, no matter how detailed, and show the client that EY was on the ball.”

- Joe