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Running the show

EY - Willo

“My team helps our clients figure out if they can claim the tax break offered for R&D projects. We evaluate projects to see if they qualify for the tax benefit and then calculate how much it is. Some clients aren’t aware that they could be eligible for R&D, so we can make a huge difference to their company.

On a recent project, I got to run the engagement by myself. It was a start-up software company designing an online platform that helps elderly people – who are not ‘social media savvy’ to connect / match themselves to each other based on interests, hobbies and location.

I had to understand how the platform works, and look at the experiments the team used to build it, so we could see what costs might receive a tax break. I don’t have a background in IT, but my colleagues who do helped me figure it out.

Being in charge, I had to really challenge myself. It was hard to find my way through the legislation, but I knew my manager was there to help if I needed it. And I had to keep the client up to date and earn their trust and confidence.

With just 8 people, the company didn’t have the time or expertise to fully explore the extent to whether they could claim a tax break – or how much it might be. Thanks to my team’s work, they ended up getting back much more than they expected, which really meant a lot to them. We helped give this small company a huge financial boost to work on the next phase of their project. It was a great feeling!”

- Willo, Tax