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Our people stories are the best way for you to get to know what life at EY is really like.

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Sydney Graduate
Challenge Program

Read my story



   Read my story

Sydney Graduate Challenge Program

I grew up wanting to be a fighter pilot, but later realised that I'd be better suited to a career that involved numbers. From then on I started looking for a job that was constantly changing; one where I could interact with different people and help them reach their goals as well as my own. My search brought me to EY.

At EY we're encouraged to put forward our ideas and not be afraid to speak up and voice our opinion. For example, when I first joined Audit I was reviewing previous work for a client and realised that something wasn't right. I brought it up with my manager and we found an error. Even though I was new to the team, my opinion was important and I had the opportunity to add value to the work. I felt empowered and realised that I could make a big contribution here.

Suzi sees networking as the key to furthering her career development.

EY provides a range of online and in-person training from inductions to firm wide training. This includes the Advisory Summer School which provides an opportunity to network with people of all ranks and obtain a greater understanding of work performed across Oceania. 

Attending the Advisory Summer School allowed me to meet numerous people in other offices and discuss the possibility of an interstate secondment. My colleagues in both Melbourne and Sydney were really encouraging and spent time giving me a thorough insight into the projects they’ve work on and what opportunities could support my career development in the future.”


I had big expectations about EY. My friends who were part of the Vacationer Program told me that it was a good experience working here, with friendly and supportive people. And without a doubt that was exactly what I found when I started as a graduate.

What I enjoy most is the buzz I get from the increasing levels of responsibility I'm given. It's challenging, but has plenty of rewards. I've seen my work included in papers that are presented to the board of a client. To hear the board say, "this is fantastic", in response to what I've done gives me a great feeling of satisfaction.

Begin your career in Assurance

EY - Michael believes“I’ve had such a wide range of experience in Assurance, working with many clients spanning across the retail, technology and energy sectors. You take a deep dive into a business to find out what makes it tick.”

Michael believes you can gain the skills to do whatever you want in your career

EY - Lizke“Before I started in Assurance I must admit that I had the perception that I would just be sitting at a desk all day looking at numbers. I was so mistaken! Since I started, I’ve worked everywhere from Geelong to Sydney, in sectors from manufacturing to entertainment.”
Lizke, Assurance

Begin your career in Tax

EY - Willo“My team helps our clients figure out if they can claim the tax break offered for R&D projects.”

Willo and the R&D team helps our clients figure out if they can claim the tax break offered for R&D projects.

Begin your career in Transaction Advisory Services

On the Ball

“As a graduate at EY, I’ve had more exposure to exciting engagements than I could ever have dreamed of. I work in Transaction Advisory Services, assisting our clients with their capital and borrowing needs. Not only do I work alongside small and medium size companies from industries as varied as mining, infrastructure, government, real estate and agriculture, I also engage with a wide range of counterparties including rating agencies, legal advisors, banks and government.

An interesting engagement I was able to work on in my first few months of joining, was where our team was engaged by an international client to assess the funding options for a new mine and inform their decision making. This included performing credit analysis of the company and mine based on forecast financials, assessing different funding options for the mine and speaking with potential lenders to understand the markets appetite and likely lending terms they might achieve.

Prior to joining EY, I was active in the health and fitness industry as a sports and health coach. I really enjoyed interacting with people on a daily basis and building strong relationships with my clients. I’ve found that these interpersonal and problem solving skills have really helped me during the Graduate Program. I’ve found EY as a whole and my immediate team to be very open and inviting from my first coffee with a Partner before I started the Vacationer Program to now where my seniors are genuinely interested in my professional and personal development.

I’ve had heaps of responsibility and really feel I add value to our team. What a great way to start my career!”
- Matthew, Transactions


Already influential

“People think graduates just do filing, printing and photocopying. At EY, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve had heaps of opportunities to work alongside my managers and do work that they do.

I recently worked on a 6-week engagement with a highly influential, national professional body. We were investigating the organisation’s financial affairs, to give their members confidence and find ways of improving their governance.

The engagement manager and engagement partner were very encouraging. They invested a lot of trust and responsibility in me from the beginning of the project. I analysed five years’ worth of financial reports for 13 entities around the country and then wrote part of our report.

The deadline for the report was really tight, so I worked with an EY team in India, who helped to input data and format the report. We couldn’t have done it without them.

The encouraging and supportive environment gave me the confidence to offer my ideas on how to improve the client’s operational and financial position. To my amazement, some of my ideas were taken on board and included in the report. I was also asked to present my findings to the client’s Executive Officers around the country. What a great experience!”
- Kitty , Transactions


Haley Mallen
Markets Senior Coordinator, Sales & Marketing

Three years into my time at EY, and I’m suddenly one of the most important people in the room. How on earth did I get here?

In Ohio, all things are possible
To realise how far I’ve come, I need to go back to when I joined. A former HR Consultant, I switched career paths to become a Markets Coordinator. For the first three months I bumbled along trying to understand how everything worked in this strange new environment and questioning whether I had made the right choice. Then, after a while I saw the bigger picture and the complexities of our systems started to fit together.  

Soon my technical knowledge grew - as did my role. I steadily carved a niche for myself as a specialist in business systems. I also assisted on our Priority Accounts program, where we have the challenging task of linking up all our people on global accounts so we can be more efficient and effective.

Then suddenly I found myself in Cleveland, representing Asia-Pacific in developing a key element of our future global corporate strategy.

Hold on a second.

I’m the most junior staff member at a table in Ohio and I’m making decisions on behalf of a whole region. Whose idea was this?

And that’s when it clicked. That’s when I realised something that my managers had seen a long time ago. My potential. I could do this and do it well. I’d been given autonomy, trust and opportunity. Whatever doubts I had meant nothing to my managers, who knew all along what I was capable of and had obviously put their reputations on the line to make sure I got the experiences I needed. That day I was able to make a contribution, challenge the thinking of executive stakeholders and convey the needs of our region. Nobody cared what level I was at. They were interested in what I had to offer.

Finally, the evening rolled around and just when I thought I could relax... I’m seated next to one of our Global leaders at dinner. But not only did we get on well, he also wanted my guidance on key parts of the strategy solution.

It seems a far cry from those uncertain early days, but just goes to show how far you can go when people believe in you.