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We are living in an era of unprecedented change, which creates limitless opportunity. Watch how a career at EY can help you build the skills and mindsets to succeed in the Transformative age.

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Would you like to work side-by-side with the entrepreneurs, game changers, disrupters and visionaries of tomorrow?

Bring the knowledge you’ve gained from your studies to help all types of clients – from entrepreneurial start-ups to multinationals. Whether you join Advisory, Assurance, TAS, or Tax, you’ll enjoy early responsibility, rewarding challenges and exposure to a variety of businesses across a range of sectors.

By helping the best in the business to innovate, you’ll be building on their legacy and creating a better working world.

Just imagine, every day you could play a part in the rise and success of the world’s greatest companies. And maintain the foundations of economic stability and growth.

At EY we’ll help you do all this. We’re expanding into different industries and creating teams to keep pace with the ever changing business world.

We want our people to thrive in this new environment. So we’ll empower you with world-class training to prepare you to be a future leader.

Starting out, you’ll know the challenge is not just about keeping pace with change, it’s about staying ahead of the curve, and EY can help take you there.

Are you ready for the challenge?

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EY - 1 - Global_networks IILC

Careers in Advisory: helping organisations improve performance and manage risks

Begin your career in Tax

Do you have strong relationship-building skills?

Can you see issues from multiple perspectives?

Are you good at seeing the big picture?

Advisory helps organisations to improve their performance in a dynamic, uncertain world by identifying, investigating and solving complex business problems. When you work in Advisory, you’ll help your clients transform their businesses by helping them see new opportunities, respond to risks and find smarter ways of operating. Your experiences will be wide and varied, with early responsibility to develop innovative solutions.

Apply your technical discipline to a range of technical, operational or business problems that organisations cannot solve themselves. Working in a small, specialist team, you’ll learn to analyse and understand different operational situations and issues across a wide range of industries. Imagine the experience and contacts you will gain.

How long will it be before you see your ideas helping to improve your clients’ business performance?

Advisory Consultant Group

If you’re interested in Advisory, you can join our Advisory Consultant Group (ACG) and you’ll gain broad career experiences and develop core consulting skills in Risk and Performance Improvement. With the support and collaboration of senior business leaders, you’ll develop new capabilities across competencies, sectors and geography.

Rachel, Consultant

“The ACG provides consultants and senior consultants the opportunity to easily work across competencies and industries within Advisory while also forming a strong internal network where learnings and information is readily shared.

The work I predominately do focuses on working with senior leadership across the Government, not for profit and private sector to assist companies in defining their future direction and operations. Throughout my time at EY the exposure I have had to senior leaders and the broad understanding of a large range of businesses I have gained, has given me an unmatchable start to my career.

My advice to future graduates is to be excited and be ready to learn at a fast pace. Enjoy the fantastic experiences that are on offer!”


Where will you focus?

Performance Improvement

EY - Performance Improvement

As part of our Performance Improvement team you’ll help provide independent, objective and high-value strategic business advice to the world’s most successful companies. In a world of continuous business challenges, our clients are faced with a constant need to generate long-term, sustainable growth. Read more...



EY - Risk

Working in Risk, you’ll be offering our clients more than protection. You’ll also be helping them make better and faster decisions, reduce costs and improve performance. It’s a fast-moving area, as global risks change at a dramatic pace, so you’ll be helping clients strategically evaluate their risk management processes. Read more...


EY Data & Analytics

EY - EY Data & Analytics

EY Data & Analytics is EY’s leading Asia-Pacific analytics and enterprise intelligence capability. You’ll help clients master their organisational information to allow management to make strategic or operational decisions and deliver real business value. Read more...


People Advisory Services


People Advisory Services (PAS) shapes and delivers the part of business strategy that depends on people. As a PAS professional, you will have the opportunity to work with global clients to understand and address some of their largest and most complex people-related challenges, and ultimately improve and drive valuable and sustainable business results. We focus on engagements that relate to performance, talent, systems, reward, mobility and analytics. Read more...


Advanced Security Centre

EY - Advanced Security Centre

Our Advanced Security Centre professionals may integrate with client security teams to conduct infrastructure and application assessments to help protect their business assets. Our professionals combine business process and industry sector operational experience with technical experience; providing a risk focused approach for our clients. Read more...



EY - Actuarial

Our Actuarial professionals combine global insight and local reach to help financial services and insurance clients develop sound strategies for today’s business environment. Our actuarial teams support clients in adopting new financial reporting standards and in mergers and acquisitions by assessing products and helping with structuring deals and post-merger integration. Read more...


Financial Services Office

EY - Financial Services Office

Our EY Financial Services’ business is a global team of professionals across service lines dedicated to serving clients from the banking, insurance and asset management industry. Our clients are among the biggest names in globalised financial services, dealing with some of the most complex issues in business.

You’ll get an accelerated opportunity to specialise skills, learn from leaders and create a network within the industry. You’ll ask questions to help clients influence and navigate global trends such as digital disruption and regulatory transformation. Your advice can make a positive difference to the client’s business and strategy for years to come.

Learn more about Financial Services


Careers in Assurance: creating confidence for the business community worldwide

Begin your career in Tax

What’s possible when art meets science?

The broad business perspective you’ll develop in Assurance will serve as a foundation for any business career. You’ll develop a deep understanding of the inner workings of business and draw on your accounting knowledge to help solve complex challenges. With your advice, clients will be able to make informed decisions about environmental policies, governance and fraud.

Do you enjoy challenging assumptions?

Using market leading advanced data analytic tools, we look beyond the obvious to delve deeper into the underlying patterns and trends. We’re able to deliver powerful business insight to assist with defining a company’s financial performance and position, relating details to the big picture and applying our knowledge to get to the right answers. By helping organisations and their investors understand their company’s financial health, we give them confidence that the results they report provide a true and fair picture of their business.

When you work in assurance, you’ll develop rewarding client relationships with reputable business leaders in a wide variety of industries. People will see you as a trusted advisor – someone who helps them understand what’s really going on in their organization.

Discover how each part of a business operates – and what makes it succeed or fail. By understanding the different rules that guide business and financial decisions, you’ll learn how to investigate, analyse and report on an organization’s financial performance.

What doors will your strong relationships open for you in the future?

Within Assurance you can work in a variety of different areas, including:

External Audit Climate Change and Sustainability Services Financial Services Forensic & Integrity Services


External Audit

EY - External Audit

External Audit at EY plays a huge role in preserving the integrity of the global business landscape. You can provide peace of mind to our clients by using your analytical skills to give companies, investors and regulators confidence in the validity of financial statements, business-critical information or processes.
Learn more about External Audit and what a typical day involves


Climate Change & Sustainability Services

EY - Climate Change & Sustainability

Our Climate Change and Sustainability Services team is grounded in our core skills in Assurance, Tax, Transactions and Advisory. Working in this area you’ll be able to help our clients understand business and regulatory threats and opportunities, explore and execute commercial transactions, monitor performance and assure public disclosures on progress.
Learn more about Climate Change & Sustainability Services and what a typical day involves


Forensic & Integrity Services

EY - Forensic & Integrity Services

Organizations need to respond effectively to the risk of fraud, comply with ever-increasing regulation, and take the right approach to business disputes. You’ll be helping our clients develop strategies to pre-empt, manage and resolve the risks of business conflict. You’ll also assist in investigating alleged misconduct, fraud and non-compliance with regulation.
Learn more about Forensic & Integrity Services and what a typical day involves


Financial Accounting Advisory

EY - Financial Accounting Advisory

As an assurance professional you’ll learn how to deliver relevant business and industry insights, and help non-audit clients focus on issues that matter to them. Through our Financial Accounting Advisory Services, you’ll help with many current critical issues, including IFRS conversion support, implementation of new accounting standards and assistance with public offerings.
Learn more about Financial Accounting and what a typical day involves


Financial Services Office

EY - Financial Services Office

Our EY Financial Services’ business is a global team of professionals across service lines dedicated to serving clients from the banking, insurance and asset management industry. Our clients are among the biggest names in globalised financial services, dealing with some of the most complex issues in business.

You’ll get an accelerated opportunity to specialise skills, learn from leaders and create a network within the industry. You’ll ask questions to help clients influence and navigate global trends such as digital disruption and regulatory transformation. Your advice can make a positive difference to the client’s business and strategy for years to come.

Learn more about Financial Services

Transactions careers: Deliver purpose over profit by helping your clients make better capital decisions

Begin your career in Transaction Advisory Services

In today’s world, it’s not just about doing good — it’s about creating good too. Discover how working on deals to buy, sell, grow and optimize a business can provide you with the opportunity to advise clients to think about both economic and social value. Just imagine the impact you could have as you guide your clients to make better, more informed decisions.

Experiences that will last a lifetime

For you and your career, this means learning from some of the most experienced transactions professionals in the industry on how to answer even the most complex business problems in a systematic way. Plus you’ll have access to continuous professional training and development to keep your technical skills and industry knowledge ahead of the curve.

It’s also an opportunity to master a broad range of business and consulting skills that will set you up for life — such as building relationships, networking, interpersonal skills, communication and presenting skills, and influencing and negotiating skills.

Being global matters

Being part of a global professional services network means you’ll have exposure to the world’s largest organizations, fastest-growing companies and private equity firms on some of the biggest and most complex engagements in the global market. No matter what part of Transaction Advisory Services you work in, you’ll build strong relationships with client executives and their operational staff, and you’ll develop a strong network among a variety of industry stakeholders.

One part professional, one part personal

You’ll be surrounded by people who’ll encourage you to be yourself and provide the guidance and support you need to help you learn, achieve and develop faster. What’s more, your team will help you to get the most out of your career — and life, too. That’s what if feels like to be part of a global people culture.

EY Transaction Advisory Services — Experience a different perspective.

Do you have strong problem-solving skills?

Do you work well in demanding situations?

Do you want to work in a dynamic, forward-looking environment?

Transaction Advisory Services helps businesses and government bodies make big decisions around their capital agenda by advising on how best to raise, preserve, optimize and invest their capital. Do the need to buy a company or merge with a competitor? Should they sell an underperforming business? Do they have the right business model?

Working in Transaction Advisory Services puts you in the best position to guide clients making these critical decisions. Very soon you’ll get involved in highly strategic projects.

You’ll see first-hand how important transactions are conceived, crafted and negotiated. You could be part of a team working across Asia-Pacific deals, giving you even greater exposure and opportunity to learn from colleagues across the area. In the process, you’ll develop valuable communication and presentation skills, gaining you a reputation as a trusted business advisor – by people on both sides of the transaction.

Where will you focus? 
As you develop your career in Transactions, you'll be able to build technical depth and explore a breadth of business issues. To help you decide where to specialise, your first few years will be spent in at least three different areas of the business.

Your options will include:


EY - Parthenon

As part of our EY-Parthenon team, you’ll work with some of the leading companies in Australia and New Zealand to develop their investment strategies and evaluate potential transactions. Working with EY’s proprietary Capital Agenda framework, you’ll help clients determine the best way to raise, invest, optimize and preserve their capital.

Learn more about EY-Parthenon

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

EY - Mergers & Acquisitions

Today, more than ever, organisations must plan carefully for growth and analyse their capital agenda and related transactions in the context of their overall business strategy. As part of our M&A team you'll help identify the right transaction and capital strategy for clients.

Learn more about M&A and what a typical day involves

Capital Debt Advisory

EY - Capital Debt Advisory

As part of the EY Capital & Debt Advisory (CDA) team, you’ll work with some of the leading corporates, private equity firms and public agencies to achieve their strategic capital and funding objectives in today’s dynamic and fast-paced financial environment. Whether it’s exploring financing options, raising and refinancing debt, funding acquisitions, raising institutional equity or even financial risk hedging, you’ll learn the intimate financial workings of the capital markets across a variety of industries.

Learn more about Capital Debt Advisory and what a typical day involves

Infrastructure Advisory

EY - Infrastructure Advisory

As an infrastructure advisory professional, you’ll work with public sector clients to procure infrastructure-related projects and help private sector clients structure and finance deals. You’ll evaluate different ways of delivering projects, develop financial models and negotiate funding to secure the most competitive terms. You'll learn about key infrastructure sectors, from energy to transport – enabling you to provide highly valued independent advice.

Learn more about Infrastructure Advisory and what a typical day involves


EY - Restructuring

Join our market-leading restructuring practice and you'll help local and global clients change their organisations throughout the whole economic cycle. You'll add to your technical knowledge with in-depth industry experience, building your understanding of the specific competitive challenges our clients face.

Learn more about Restructuring and what a typical day involves

Operational Transaction Services

EY - Operational Transaction Services

In this business area you'll help clients drive operational value from their capital strategy. You'll learn how to develop the right plan for complex integrations, divestments and carve-outs – and how to implement it properly. You'll play a key role in an integrated approach that focuses on our clients' financial, tax and operational needs.

Learn more about Operational Transaction Services and what a typical day involves

Real Estate Advisory Services

EY - Real Estate Advisory Services

In this dynamic and complex market you'll help clients develop and execute real estate transactions by providing objective and responsive advice. You'll offer a dedicated and committed service to assist clients in achieving the potential of their real estate assets, portfolios or companies

Learn more about Real Estate Advisory Services and what a typical day involves

Transaction Diligence

EY - Transaction Diligence

A transaction can be one of the most complex and risky business propositions our clients can undertake. You'll help them achieve the best possible outcome, from initial strategic assessment to implementation and post-integration. Your aim will be to improve their negotiating position and accelerate a smooth transaction with minimal disruption.

Learn more about Transaction Diligence and what a typical day involves

Transaction Tax

EY - Transaction Tax

Every transaction has tax implications. Working with a worldwide network of professional advisors you'll combine diverse cross-border transaction experience with local tax knowledge across a broad spectrum of industry sectors. This way you'll help clients make informed decisions and navigate the tax implications of every transaction.

Learn more about Transaction Tax and what a typical day involves

Valuation and Business Modelling

EY - Valuation and Business Modelling

As a Valuation and Business Modelling professional you'll help clients evaluate and confirm their capital and growth strategies. You'll work with clients in areas such as understanding the specific value proposition for complex business holdings and investments, and identifying non-core assets for divesting.

Learn more about Valuation and Business Modelling and what a typical day involves

Careers in Tax: help your clients navigate the complexities of international tax

Begin your career in Tax

Wanted: strategic business advisor, diplomat, analyst and savvy technologist to work in Tax

“The scope and role of the tax function are changing. Disruptive forces, such as globalisation, transparency and digitization, have given rise to both enhanced regulatory scrutiny and more complex business models. The tax function’s focus is consequently expanding from technical reporting, compliance and tax planning, to technology and digital tax, tax-related risk management and business-enabled tax planning. As a result, tax is being drawn out of its traditional silo and into the broader business.” Jay Nibbe, EY Global Vice Chair, Tax

At EY, you’ll develop your business, diplomatic, analytic and tech skills to stay on top of tax trends and acquire an in-depth knowledge of clients’ businesses.

When the old rules don’t apply, who is making the new ones?

No matter what your professional background or degree of study, a tax professional at EY is:

  • Curious and an active learner
  • Nimble, innovative and open to new ideas
  • A business advisor and C-suite influencer
  • An inclusive leader with a global mindset
  • Capable of leveraging the opportunities offered by real-time tax dashboards and data visualization
  • Able to leverage cutting edge technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence and automation
  • A critical thinker, capable of complex and creative problem solving

At EY, tax professionals combine agility, diverse thought, tax technical depth and the power of technology and analytics to provide exceptional client service. In a rapidly changing business and tax environment, we develop dynamic leaders who, through their professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit, make a positive impact on the working world.

Where will you focus?

Business Tax Services

EY - Business Tax Services

Our Business Tax professionals help businesses meet complex demands for tax reporting, compliance and planning, and tax policy and controversy.

You'll have the chance to gain experience across multiple service offerings, with long-term opportunities for focusing in one or more area.

You'll also work with clients ranging from entrepreneurs to long-established worldwide organisations, developing a breadth and depth of tax and business skills domestically and on a multinational basis to advance your career.

Business Tax consists of different service offerings, including:-

  • Business Tax Advisory
  • Tax Controversy & Policy
  • Research & Development
  • Private Client Services
  • Tax Accounting & Risk Advisory Services
  • Quantitative Services

Learn more about Business Tax Services and what a typical day involves

Global Compliance and Reporting (GCR)

EY - Global Compliance and Reporting

Our Global Compliance and Reporting tax professional help address a company’s GCR needs in light of ongoing business transformations, market expansions and an increased global enforcement and transparency environment.

As global companies evaluate their current business and organisational models, you will be part of a dynamic specialist team that provides record to report services, which include:-

  • Tax accounting calculations and provisions
  • Income tax return preparation and review
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Statutory accounting and financial statement preparation and reporting
  • Payroll services
  • Corporate Secretarial Services
  • Governance and control of the above processes

People Advisory Services

EY - People Advisory Services

As the world continues to change due to globalisation and developments in demographics, technology and regulation, organisations need to adapt and flex. They need their people to be agile and respond to that change.

People Advisory Services helps organisations address some of their largest and most complex people-related challenges. As a PAS professional, you will be able to grow and build your skills in one of our six pillars:

Learn more about People Advisory Services and what a typical day involves

Indirect Tax

EY - Indirect Tax

Our Indirect Tax professionals work with clients that trade goods or services nationally and internationally. Work with them and you'll advise how indirect taxes such as goods & services tax (GST) impact your clients' supply chain and financial and accounting systems.

You'll identify and address areas of risk, advise clients on the taxation implications of international trade and assist them in complying with customs regulations. Working in Indirect Tax, you'll gain wide-ranging experience across different industries and opportunities to work internationally, and receive the support you need to become an effective tax professional.

Learn more about Indirect Tax and what a typical day involves

International Tax

EY - International Tax

Our International Tax professionals help multinational companies align their global tax position with their business strategy to maintain competitive advantage and provide shareholder value.

International Tax teams support clients' cross-border transactions assess their international tax strategies and provide a range of services, including transfer pricing policies and tax-effective supply chain management.

As a member of our International Tax team, you'll gain experience on engagements with some of the world's largest international organisations and have opportunities to work with different tax regimes through international assignments.

Learn more about International Tax and what a typical day involves

Transaction Tax

EY - Transaction Tax

Our Transaction Tax professionals advise companies and private equity investors on all tax aspects of their transactions. They assist clients with structuring transaction tax efficiently and undertake tax due-diligence reviews of potential targets.

Transaction Tax professionals look after clients of all sizes across all industries, working closely with colleagues in different service lines around the world. In this dynamic and fast-moving environment, you'll work on a variety of transactions. This ranges from acquisitions of small family-owned businesses to significant, newsworthy deals, including acquisitions, disposals, mergers, de-mergers, joint ventures, refinancing or stock exchange transactions such as IPOs. Each will help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to develop your career.

Learn more about Transaction Tax and what a typical day involves

Financial Services Office

EY - Financial Services Office

Our EY Financial Services’ business is a global team of professionals across service lines, dedicated to serving clients from banking, insurance and asset management. Clients are among the biggest names in globalised financial services, dealing with some of the most complex issues in business.

You’ll get an accelerated opportunity to specialise skills, learn from leaders and create a network within the industry. You’ll ask questions to help clients influence and navigate global trends such as digital disruption and regulatory transformation. Your advice can make a positive difference to the client’s business and strategy for years to come.

Learn more about Financial Services

EY Law

EY Law

Our Australian Law teams draw on a vast range of experience gained both within Australia and internationally. As part of the Law teams, you will be part of the expanding EY legal network, which includes offices in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. The Law teams have a global footprint, comprising over 2,100 lawyers across 80 countries. You will benefit from working with widely recognised subject matter professionals who can provide a multi-jurisdictional perspective, as well as an in-depth understanding of the Australian legal environment.

Learn more about EY Law and what a typical day involves


EY’s national Indigenous Sector Practice (ISP) is a purpose-led offering which combines our commitment to building a better working world with our commitment to generating transformative impact and enduring positive outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The ISP is a critically important initiative that will transform how EY provides its work with First Nation’s peoples, building a practice that complements our Reconciliation Action Plan and collaborates with our Tahi colleagues in New Zealand.

This rapidly growing practice works with and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities and the government agencies, non-government organisations and corporates that support and work with them. We also advise corporate clients who want to include more Indigenous people and businesses in their workforces and supply chains. Our aim is to support greater economic participation, employment and wealth creation by boosting Indigenous workforce participation, procurement and supply chain diversity.

Roles within the ISP suit candidates with a community, government, consulting or private sector background who have had experience working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations. Examples of projects we have delivered for clients include issues relating to native title, land rights, social impact and agreement making. Our ISP practitioners have strong cultural capabilities and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and cultures daily.

Individuals joining this area are encouraged to share their knowledge, lived experience and understanding of the issues surrounding these communities, in a role and practice where you truly contribute to improved social, economic and cultural outcomes for First Nation’’s peoples.

How will you progress through our organisation?

Whether you’re at school, an undergraduate or a post graduate, right here is where you get a head start. Fancy starting your career while everyone else is still studying? Want to jump to the front of the queue and find out what working here is like, before we start recruiting?

If you want a taste of working life while you’re still a student, we can offer you a number of different options.

You’ll get a sense of our culture and values — and start to see the career you’d like to shape. The relationships you make, and the impression you leave, can help you secure a permanent position after you graduate.

And the experience will last a lifetime.

Student programs:

Technology careers

Which path will you take? At EY, your information technology, information systems, computer science, engineering degree or major is the foundation that will set you up for a successful career. Whichever area you choose, you’ll gain invaluable skills, experience and a lifetime of contacts.

Our Risk professionals work with client executives to understand and manage threats to their organisations in a digitally enabled world.  As a Risk professional, you’ll be applying your knowledge of technology within business environments where our clients have made major IT investments.

Our IT Technology professionals work alongside CIOs and you’ll look at IT Transformation, IT Architecture and IT Strategy, and their business impact or consequences. Projects are multidisciplinary, delivering industry specific business advice such as insurance claims transformation, performance coaching and a number of business intelligence platforms.

Working in EY Data & Analytics, our Asia-Pacific analytics and enterprise intelligence centre, you’ll help clients master their organisational information to allow management to make strategic or operational decisions. Put your programming, process analysis, data analytics and visualisation skills to good use to deliver business value.

Our Cyber Security professionals address the challenge of managing the information security risk in the internal IT organisation and in the cyber space. These professionals draw on in-depth technical and IT–related risk management knowledge from our global organisation.

Our Research & Development   (R&D) professionals work with clients from a diverse range of industries such as IT, biotechnology, resources and pharmaceuticals, ranging in size from local start up technology companies to multinational companies investing in billion dollar projects.


Learn more by reading our technology brochure

The best way for you to get to know what a technology career is really like is to hear from our people.

EY - Priyal


Consultant, IT Technology

Read my story

EY - Brian


Consultant, EYC3

Read my story

EY - Nathaniel


Consultant, Technology Advisory

Read my story

EY - Gabriella


Cyber Security

Read my story

EY - PriyalPriyal
Consultant, IT Advisory

“I’m Priyal and I joined EY as a graduate last year. I work within Advisory as part of the IT Advisory team and my role is to help with assessing businesses and their IT systems to identify how they can make their business more efficient. We work with lots of different clients in different sectors.


I graduated with a Bachelors of Technology (Honours) in Information Technology. My degree gave me a wide range of skills in areas of Information Systems and Programming. In my last year at university I worked on a project with a health business to work on automating their reporting system. This gave me technical knowledge that I use in my business intelligence projects at EY.

I realised the business intelligence and business transformation side of my degree attracted me more compared to the programming side. However, one thing that I knew was that I wanted was to be in a role that integrates my passion for IT with the ability to interact with clients to help them on their road to success.

Why EY?

One of the Advisory Managers was speaking at a presentation about how different each day is, the range of projects EY was working on within business intelligence and business transformation and also the broad range of clients that they got to work with. It really clicked with me and I thought EY would give me an opportunity to work on a range of projects in areas which I was interested in and I would also be able to combine my IT skills and my interpersonal skills.

Career highlight

One of my recent projects involved attended various meetings with key individuals from a client to understand their business. For example, how they recover their systems in an event of a disaster like the policies and contracts they have in place, security, IT Architecture, their Disaster Recovery Plan. During the week, I was also going through documents to identity issues and I discussed these with my manager and came up with recommendations to the client.

My advice to students

Don’t be afraid if you haven’t decided what you want to do yet, take every opportunity that you come across. This is how you will figure out what you like and don’t and help you choose your career path. Most importantly, work hard no matter what you’re doing.”

EY - BrianBrian
Consultant, EYC3

My studies in Computer Science provided me with the technical background which I still leverage today. A lot of the theory that you learn in units such as data modelling, and statistics form the basis of data analysis that is performed today. Additionally, my engineering degree offered me the ability to develop my critical thinking, analysis, and presentation skills during my study; invaluable skills that you will apply when optimising and building your work.

In 2015 I took up a vacationer position at EY (three weeks of real experience with real clients), and in 2016 I moved into a graduate position at EYC3 as a consultant. The work has offered me flexibility and mobility that I would have never considered while at University; building upon my skillset that I acquired during university. Over the course of 12 months a few of my major projects include: having the opportunity to fly to Sydney in a data migration project leveraging the use of the cloud; building a desktop application to automate the generation of financial reporting documents; and designing and developing an entire end to end ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) approach for analytics and data visualisation to enhance processes in a client’s project.

The best advice I can give to students is to soak up as much information as possible, you never know if you will like something if you don’t try it! That boring sounding unit that you decide to take during your third year might actually prove to be the unit which you enjoy the most, and learnt the most out of!

EY - NathanielNathaniel
Consultant, Technology Advisory

I am a Consultant in the Technology Advisory team focusing on Robotic Process Automation and started my career with EY as a graduate. I help clients understand how they can use emerging technologies, such as robotics and artificial intelligence, to improve their business operations. I graduated with a Bachelor of Information Systems (Co-op) from UNSW. One memorable project that I have recently worked on was with a large IT Services provider to build a five year automation roadmap which will transform the way they do business. With strong support from senior leadership, we were encouraged to challenge how all parts of their organisation operate and how they will operate in the future. Learning about many new technologies, from robotic process automation, autonomics to artificial intelligence really opened my eyes to the scale and depth to which this will impact their clients. Digital disruption affects the work I’m doing with my clients as we are constantly seeking to improve our own way of working and help our clients. This means using robotics to automate some of our own manual, repetitive tasks, which allows us to focus on cognitive activities that add greater value. Looking forward, I see even larger impacts as artificial intelligence and machine learning mature, which is particularly exciting for me.

EY - GabriellaGabriella
Consultant, Technology Advisory

I work in the Cyber Security team and have been with EY for six months. My role is to help clients manage their cyber security risk more effectively.  Working with a variety of public and private sector clients, our team advises on protecting assets, managing risk and improving the capability and maturity of their cyber security controls. I graduated from the Australian National University in 2016 with a Bachelor of International Security Studies and a Bachelor of Pacific Studies. 

A project that I have recently worked on was in the automotive and transport industry helping them transform their approach to cyber security and develop an advanced cyber strategy.  As a team we looked at threat assessments, threat intelligence reports, current state and future state cyber risk assessments and a target state operating model.  This engagement has been particularly exciting as I was able to engage with multiple parts of the business assisting the team with deliverables from strategy through to implementation.

Digital disruption affects the work I’m doing with my clients as it is driving manual and human processes towards automation, which increases the attack surface available for potential cyber threats. Cyber incident not only affect technology, but also people and processes. As a result organisations are seeking greater integration between cyber security and business. Many organisations are also exploring how going digital can be a business enabler while cyber security continues to protect assets from threats and risks with appropriate controls.