Daily life in People Advisory Services

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What would my day be like in Global Mobility?

Our Global Mobility professionals work with clients who are living or working overseas. They help those individuals to navigate the complexity of country-based rules and regulations, so that they can be effective in their chosen location. They advise on issues such as immigration, tax and social security.

As a member of the team, you might:

  • Prepare individual tax returns for key client personnel
  • Coordinate with clients to ensure they meet their tax filing deadlines
  • Research employment tax legislation and regulations so you can address specific client queries
  • Advise clients on the taxes associated with moving employees to overseas locations
  • Work with company tax and HR personnel to structure the timing of assignments
  • Advise clients on how to reduce the risks associated with globally mobile workforces

What would my day be like in Talent & Reward?

Our Talent & Reward professionals work with organisations to create "leading practice" people programs that are aligned to their corporate strategy. They design and develop compensation programs, equity incentives and cost optimisation programs that help clients engage their people and improve their human resource function.

As part of this team, you might:

  • Analyse a client's compensation and benefits system, and suggest improvements
  • Develop the business case for a change in a client's human resource model
  • Gather client information to help identify comparable companies for the purposes of executive competitive analyses
  • Evaluate information to obtain total annual compensation, total direct compensation, market analysis, beneficial ownership analysis, shares reserved and option granted analyses and director's compensation analysis
  • Perform market pricing analyses of executive- and employee-level pay through the use of available market information

What skills would I acquire in my first few years?

You'll acquire knowledge of:

  • HR structures in all sizes of organisation
  • Reward strategies that align to corporate goals
  • Compensation and benefit policies
  • Taxation on income for globally mobile professionals
  • Issues that affect HR clients and consultants at all levels

You'll also acquire general skills in:

  • Research and analysis techniques using dedicated tools and technology
  • Creative thinking to apply your knowledge to individual client situations
  • Communication and teaming with colleagues from other offices
  • Building and maintaining strong relationships with key client personnel
  • Managing a project from start to finish, following appropriate protocols and procedures

What opportunities would People Advisory Services open up?

You could:

  • Use your in-depth people advisory services knowledge to become a dedicated HR/people advisor to your clients
  • Take a leadership role on mobility compliance programs for our largest and most international clients
  • Set up a shared services centre in an emerging market to support your client's HR strategy
  • Focus your skills internally to take a leadership role within the People Advisory Services service line
  • Participate in an international assignment program at one of our global offices

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