Health reimagined

A new participatory health paradigm

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It is an exciting, yet profoundly disruptive time in the health industry as powerful forces intersect to drive industry transformation.

Twenty-first century health systems are facing intense pressures for change. However, with this change comes opportunity.

In our new paper: Health reimagined: a new participatory health paradigm,we raise a fundamental idea that solutions to sustainability, growth and delivering healthcare to the rapidly growing population will be driven by three key shifts around:

  • Social 2.0
  • Digital technology
  • Maturing healthcare consumerism

This paper explores a vision of the future: an expanding and participatory health ecosystem based around the individual as an engaged and active consumer.

The perfect storm for change

Globally, health systems are under pressure from rising costs, growing consumer expectations and new technologies. The future of healthcare lies in bold changes to business models, policies and funding strategies that enable the consumer to play an active part in their own digital health ecosystem.

Will you be the disrupted or the disrupter in this perfect storm?
Intended to stimulate thought and discussion, we consider how these profoundly disruptive changes will re-shape the health landscape and open up new avenues for industry players.

It is time to re-imagine healthcare with fresh eyes and begin the conversation about a radically different future.

Opportunities emerge at the intersection of consumerism, technology and markets for those willing to explore beyond their traditional boundaries.

To do this, strategy agenda’s — whether they be global, regional or local will require assessing how far and in what direction to reach. For some, this will mean weighing up where to play – either in adjacent markets or in undertaking radical changes and pursuing innovation. For others, this may mean deciding on the right fit — whether to lead, partner or follow in the footsteps of others.

No matter where the strategic decisions lie, doing nothing is not an option.