The analytics-driven CFO

Using advanced predictive analytics to drive financial success

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The role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) continues to evolve in Asia-Pacific as the demands from the business shift and change.

The CFO must become a futurist; must rise above transactional responsibilities and use data and advanced analytics to forecast and shape the future.

Determining the impact of different strategic directions, enabling better risk management and driving financial success will be the bastion of the successful CFO and their highly-skilled finance team.

Sophisticated predictive analytics will allow the CFO to generate value from data insights and change outcomes based on that insight. But the journey will challenge the status quo.

In this five-article series, you’ll be guided through the art of the possible to get true value from your data and analytics initiatives. You’ll understand what is required from a business and technical perspective to begin or move your organisation through your analytics evolution, giving you the power to be the predictive indicator of financial success across the organisation.

What’s next for the changing role of the CFO?

  1. CFO getting value from data and analytics
  2. The key to success for the analytics-driven CFO
  3. Barriers to becoming an analytics-driven CFO
  4. Three steps to becoming an analytics-driven CFO
  5. Driving change to an analytics-driven culture