Climate Change and Sustainability Services

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Climate change and sustainability continue to dominate corporate and government agendas around the world. Organisations not only face regulatory impacts, but also expectations for action from a wide range of stakeholders, including employees, investors, lenders, customers and suppliers.

On the one hand, climate change and sustainability can drive new opportunities, but on the other, these issues can also pose significant financial and reputational threats. For many organisations, a clear vision that identifies and addresses the inter-related financial, economic, strategic and risk management aspects is key. Striking a balance means embedding climate change and sustainability into core business activities to achieve both short term objectives and to create long term shareholder value.

Whatever your climate change or sustainability challenges, our team has the right skills and deep industry experience to support you in capitalising on opportunities and reducing risk. Our global network will help you navigate the critical pathways ahead to achieve your potential. It's how we make a difference.


EY can help

Climate change policy and strategy

We work with private sector entities facilitating and conducting risk and opportunity assessments, option analyses and policy review to develop strategic responses. We also advise public sector clients on the development, management and review of climate change policy, programs and regulation.

Carbon asset management

We can help you establish commercial strategies to manage liability and opportunities associated with carbon pricing policies through effective carbon asset management. We develop marginal cost of abatement curves to rank abatement options and apply risk weighted factors to optimise tailored carbon asset portfolios. In addition to this, we advise on financing options and guidance on accounting and tax treatment of your carbon assets.

Greenhouse gas inventory development, reporting and assurance

We can assist you in the development or assessment of methods and processes for calculating emissions. In line with greenhouse reporting and carbon pricing policy requirements, we provide gap analysis of systems and processes against regulatory frameworks and undertake assurance for compliance requirements. We also benchmark your company performance against industry peers and leading practice.

Health, Safety, Environment and Community (HSEC) management

There is an increasing demand for organisations to manage their HSEC performance. We help develop and implement HSEC management systems and audit frameworks, provide gap analysis of systems and processes against internal policy or regulation, assist in improving the reporting of HSEC information to management/Boards and identify efficiencies in HSEC programs.

Sustainability management, sustainability strategy and life cycle impacts

There is an increasing demand for organisation's to manage its sustainability risks and opportunities. We help develop sustainability frameworks, benchmark performance across sectors and measure life cycle impacts for a range of products.

Sustainability report development and assurance

There is an increasing demand for organisation's to report non-financial metrics. We help develop sustainability reports, benchmark performance across sectors and undertake assurance.


We are focused on enabling and supporting growth in technology solutions in response to climate change. We provide a wide range of advisory services to companies in this space, including assessing commercialisation options and financial feasibility, sourcing private investment, accessing government grants and concessions, managing working capital and supporting or executing corporate finance and M&A transactions.


G4 sustainability reporting guidelines

This EY report explains how the GRI G4 Guidelines (pdf, 125kb) have been developed to help reporters produce a relevant sustainability report for its stakeholders.