Sustainable procurement: balancing risk and value

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Organisations increasingly understand the impact that their purchases have on the environment and society. Introducing a sustainable procurement approach addresses these impacts by considering the whole-of-life, social and economic costs of purchases made by the organisation, supported by a framework to embed sustainability thinking into all standard procurement practices.

EY ECO-Buy services enable organisations to make sustainable procurement ‘business as usual’.
  • What does ECO-Buy offer?

    EY’s ECO-Buy services are aligned to the development of your sustainable procurement journey:

    Sustainable procurement stage Related EY ECO-Buy services
    1 Evaluation: Understand current situation
    • Evaluation and action plan
    2 Enabling change: Preparing the foundations
    • Procurement policy and procedure review
    • Procurement prioritisation
    • Staff training and guidance
    3 Implementation: Embedding sustainable procurement principles
    • Category specification guidance
    • Tender assistance
    4 Performance: Measuring effectiveness of sustainable procurement activities
    • Benchmarking procurement performance
    • Benchmarking sustainable spend
    5 Advanced: Responsible sourcing and supply chain management
    • EY’s leading supply chain services can support you at any stage and help conduct supplier assessment, screening, supply chain mapping and due diligence.
  • What are the benefits?

    Whether your organisation is beginning its sustainable procurement journey or has focused on refining this process over a number of years, EY’s ECO-Buy services provide a tailored and cost effective solution to meet your sustainable procurement objectives.

    Engaging EY’s ECO-Buy services will assist your organisation to:

    • Meet stakeholder expectations of responsible purchasing
    • Establish a clear path toward implementing sustainable procurement based on ECO-Buy’s practical experience
    • Address environmental and social criteria in key purchases
    • Build in-house capability and sustainability expertise

    EY’s ECO-Buy services are based on the international standard - British Standard BS8903:2010 Principles and framework for procuring sustainably.

Want to find out more?

To find out how you can gain access to EY’s ECO-Buy Services please contact our area leaders.