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Description of our Services

  • Insolvency Services

    EY Australia has completed its acquisition of the business and assets of leading Canberra professional services partnership Kazar Slaven, making EY one of the largest restructuring advisors in Canberra.

    The acquisition accelerates expansion of EY’s transaction and restructuring capabilities across Australia by further growing our Canberra services to deliver insolvency and business advisory solutions to clients.

    By delivering end-to-end corporate and personal insolvency, turnaround and advisory solutions in Canberra, we are advancing our integrated service offerings across Australia – particularly in the banking, corporate, government and public sectors.

    Kazar Slaven partners Henry Kazar and Michael Slaven will join EY’s TAS Restructuring team in Canberra as partners.

    To find out how EY Australia’s Restructuring practice can help your business, please contact:

    Henry Kazar
    +61 2 6267 3936

    Michael Slaven
    +61 2 6267 3896

    The EY Restructuring team can assist directors, creditors, financiers or other stakeholders in providing formal insolvency services through voluntary administration, receivership and liquidation services. These services are often used to:

    • Realise assets
    • Conduct investigations into the conduct of key management
    • Identify certain transactions such as insolvent trading or preferential transactions

    We are also able to utilise the Voluntary Administration regime to restructure businesses to ensure their ongoing viability and create a better return to creditors.

  • Turnaround Solutions (Financial and Operational Restructuring)

    Company-led turnarounds typically exhibit the following characteristics:

    • There is an urgent need for high impact, sustainable change
    • This sustainable change is to restore corporate health
    • It anticipates and addresses the needs of business critical stakeholders

    EY are situational experts that can help corporates secure the time, money and support necessary to address under-performance. This may include bringing hands-on commercial leadership, sharing practical results driven initiatives, working side by side with senior executives and providing knowledge into building consensus and managing expectations of key stakeholders.

  • Legal Entity Rationalisation

    EY has a globally dedicated team who brings best in industry methodologies in identifying and then designing the ideal corporate structure. The review of a client’s corporate structure aims to:

    • Identify key savings
    • Calculate a payback period to implement the project
    • Enable the client to receive an independent report outlining the efficiency and effectiveness of its current corporate structure

    The report aims to highlight for the client ways to align its corporate structure with its business strategy and set up guiding principles to implement on any growth strategy through the effective use of its structure.

  • Closure Services

    Clients often are exposed to the necessity of winding down or exiting a market due to strategic decisions made by management. The ability to wind down smoothly or exit gracefully requires a unique set of skills which often requires external assistance due to the sensitivity of the proposed change. Current management often are not sufficiently skilled or lack the motivation to assist in the wind down purely because the end game is the business is no longer required.

    EY has significant experience in which they can bring core exit skills such as financial management, realisation processes and human capital expertise to achieve a timely and effective wind down.

  • Investigative Accountant’s Report & Financial Viability Reports

    Often key stakeholders have certain rights to perform a viability assessment on a customer or key contractor to provide a clearer understanding on the financial performance and prospects of that party. In addition to providing key recommendations, the assessments can provide clients with greater visibility on historical and financial forecasts, understand the strength of key management, a market assessment, and outline the current status of any funding positions.

    EY has methodologies and tools combined with experience which allow it to bring global best practice to performing these assessments which can be aligned to your needs and requirements.

  • Public Sector Assistance

    EY is a leading firm in providing public sector assistance and developing policy. The restructuring team together with the firm’s public sector experts provide assistance with regards to the following:

    • Financial Viability assessments of organisations applying for Federal funding
    • Cost closure assistance and analysis
    • Advising government on policy and frameworks relating to financial viability, fit and proper person
    • Insolvency services including acting as receiver, independent expert, liquidator and/or administrator

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