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Valuation, Modelling & Economics

Unique power and utilities insights

* EY Australia has acquired the business of leading energy market systems and modelling provider, Roam Consulting Pty Ltd (Roam).

  • Roam’s founder and Executive Chairman Ian Rose and Managing Director Ben Vanderwaal have both joined EY as executive directors, and 10 of Roam’s employees have also joined EY Australia.
  • Delivering energy market modelling and data analytics enables EY to significantly broaden the range of economic, regulatory and power and utilities capabilities that we provide to our clients. 
  • EY is the first professional services organisation in Australia and New Zealand to offer this breadth of service offerings.

ROAM Consulting products and services that will transition to EY include:

  • Long-term Pool Price Forecasting
  • Production and Revenue Forecasting
  • Loss Factor Forecasting
  • Renewable Resource Modelling
  • Wind Power Forecasting
  • Week-ahead Pool Price Forecasting
  • Regulatory Research
  • Generation and Transmission Planning
  • Independent Expertise

To contact EY on traditional ROAM Consulting services, please call:
Ian Rose on 07 3227 1415
Ben Vanderwaal on 07 3227 1414


The majority of businesses define success on the value of their assets. However articulating a value on tangible and intangible assets in today's market can be a highly complex process. It is critical to have clarity around the worth of your business or assets and the value of every financial transaction you make.

We believe that valuation drives transaction outcomes and we have the skill set and experience to provide you with valuation advice for a multitude of purposes, founded on a platform of industry, accounting, taxation, financial due diligence and technical excellence. Whether you are looking to finance your growth strategy or monetise your assets, we can deliver quality, responsive advice that provides you with the ability to make confident decisions.

Business modelling

Building an effective business model is a complex and difficult task and, as a result, it is no surprise that the majority of business models contain errors. The size and number of errors can significantly change the interpretation of a situation and it is paramount to eliminate discrepancies to ensure you are making informed decisions.

We offer both business model review and business model build services and can provide you with an experienced and dedicated team who can assist you to understand, verify and use your business model to optimise your outcomes.

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