Corporate Responsibility

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Responsible  entrepreneurship is inherent to our values and the way we do business. It enables us to be of long term added value to our people, our clients, society and the environment we are part of. As a knowledge based organization we see our key role as to support our clients in their journey towards responsible entrepreneurship. We believe in an integrated approach  and therefore work to embed Corporate Responsibility in our core services as well as in our operational activities.

Within our organization we are taking various initiatives.

We focus on four areas:

Corporate Responsibility - Entrepreneurship


We encourage sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship because it is crucial for achieving sustainable economic growth and development.

CR - Employees


We offer our people a diverse, flexible and healthy work environment because we want to help them to achieve their potential.

Corporate Responsibility


We reduce our negative impact on the environment because our world is facing large ecological challenges.

CR - Community Engagement

Community Engagement

We stimulate our people to share their expertise and skills with non-profit organizations because our greatest added value to society is our knowledge.

Corporate Responsibility and our values  
Corporate Responsibility is about business ethics and taking responsibility, towards each other and towards society and the environment. To ensure high standards of transparency, integrity and professionalism and encourage all of our people to get involved, we address the importance of our shared values:  

  • Integrity, respect, teaming.
  • Energy, enthusiasm and the courage to lead.
  • We build relationships based on doing the right thing.