Diversity & Inclusiveness

Make differences matter

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Diversity. Almost everyone acknowledges that it is valuable and necessary. But it is also a tricky topic to tackle decisively (without people within the firm becoming tired of it) as we don’t people within the form becoming tired of it.

In this publication you can read stories and interviews from EY professionals about the impact of diversity in the organization.

The toothpaste is out of the tube.

The Regional Managing Partner and Country Managing Partner for Belgium, Rudi Braes, and the Country Managing Partner for the Netherlands, Marcel van Loo, discuss why diversity is important, the developments within EY and their own role in promoting diversity.

“ Our organisation always has opportunities available for talent.” - Marcel van Loo, Country Managing Partner EY Nederland

Invest in the relationship with our own people.

Do you understand your international clients better if you have a bi-cultural background? Mohamed Bouker, the first Moroccan-Dutch partner in Assurances thinks you do.

Far more manageable: a day at the office.

Reducing his five-day workweek to four days per week has in no way hampered Jelle Romeijn’s, Senior Manager People Advisory Services,  ambitions within EY. But I found the comment ‘enjoy your day off’ somewhat misplaced. It was the most intense day of my week!

“It’s impossible to not notice colour. I discriminate too, often unconsciously.” - Monic Zents, Director Diversity & Inclusiveness BeNe

More diversity? Get to know your own mindbugs!

Although you may think otherwise, we all make assumptions, often unconsciously. These ‘mindbugs’ as they are often called, have a large impact on diversity within the workplace. Monic Zents, the driving force behind the diversity program at EY, states that in any case this is not due to reluctance, the cause is in fact a ‘flaw’ in our brains.

Gay. You don’t need to tiptoe around it.

Richard Eveleens, partner at EY, thinks it is important to give some insight into his personal life in professional relationships.

“A diverse  team can make all the difference.” - Bea Haring, Managing Partner Markets BeNe

Diversity is fundamental to our competitive success.

A conversation with Bea Haring, Markets Leader BeNe, and Inghwa Hengefeld, partner at EY, who personally encourage diversity enthusiastically and achieve great results.

“Opportunities are there for everyone. Dare to ask for help to grab them.” - Michèle Hagers, Managing Partner Assurance BeNe

An interview with members of the Regional Leadership Team

The ability of a global professional service organization to create well-led, internationally mixed and diverse teams that respect and value differences will help to create a better world, and a competitive advantage in the marketplace. So it’s only logical for EY to work on enhancing diversity across all service lines.