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Family benefits in Flanders

As of January 1, 2019, say “growth package” instead of child allowance!


Due to the 6th Reform of State the family allowance has become a regional competence in Belgium. The Flemish Region has seized the opportunity to set up its own scheme.

As of January 1st, 2019 the system for child allowances in the Flemish Region changes and will be replaced by the “Groeipakket” (“growth package”) a single fixed-amount per child.

For more information visit the official website:


Lieven Monserez
Executive Director
+32 2 774 6283

Marc Mostin
Senior Manager
+32 2 749 1038

Presentation of the new system

Basic allowance

Classic child allowance based on the age of the child is replaced by a basic single amount for each child (163,20 Eur/month in 2019) completed with possible extra allowances depending on, in one hand, the school advancement of the child and, in other hand, the family situation.

To whom is this new scheme available?

This new system will be applicable for each child born as from January 1st, 2019. Children born before this date follow the current scheme: no need to submit any additional application. The current child fund will automatically transfer the demand of possible additional benefit to the Flemish authority.

Future parents coming from abroad?

For families who moved to Flanders coming from abroad before January 1st 2019, the old system remains applicable. Families who will move to Flanders as from January 1st 2019, will follow the new system.

For families who moved to Flanders from another part of Belgium after January 1st 2019 the situation will depend on the date of birth of the children. For the children born before January 1st 2019, the authorities will investigate to what amount the child had right on 31 December 2018 and this amount will be granted. For the children born after January 1st 2019, the new system will be applicable.

Additional info

There will be 5, instead of 11, child benefit funds which are responsible for the payments of the allowances: FONS, Infino, KidsLife Vlaanderen, MyFamily en Parentia. The parents have the free choice among the five funds.

Parents need to demand the family benefits themselves. The demand of such benefits is no longer submitted by the employer.

How about the other regions?

The National denomination “Famifed” will be replaced in each region by a specific denomination but, except in Flanders, the current child allowance system remains unchanged for the moment. Should something change in one or other region we will keep you informed.

More information is available on the website of each region/community:

Next steps

(Belgian) Employers having employees living in or moving to Flanders should inform them of the existence of this new family benefit scheme and encourage them to take the necessary measures to claim the growth package for their new born child as from January 1, 2019!