Specialty Services

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In addition to our four primary global services - AssuranceTaxTransactions and Advisory - we also provide additional services in key areas around the globe:

  • EY Europe
    EY Europe is the acting interface of the international network of EY with the European Union, reflecting our strong commitment to this global account and a long and successful history of delivering services to international financing community.
    Read more about EY Europe.
  • Subsidia
    EY Subsidia focuses both on SMEs and on multinationals and guides them on their search for subsidies. With this distinct profile as a subsidy consultant Subsidia has been unique since it was founded: from the start it opted for subsidy issues as a fully fledged niche speciality.
    Read more about EY Subsidia .
  • Doing business in China
    EY, has the pleasure to announce the establishment of a “China Desk” in Belgium, providing a full range of audit, tax, accounting, transaction advisory and industry related services on cross-border investments and operations between Belgium and China.
    Read more about China Business Group.
  • Doing business in India
    Ongoing assistance with your development strategy in India. As a veritable reservoir of growth, India has been undergoing significant, long-lasting development for some years in a variety of business sectors, and French companies need to be present on this market of the future.
    Read more about India Business Group.
  • Japan Business Services
    EY ShinNihon LLC collaborates closely with Ernst & Young Global Limited to support both overseas companies wishing to enter the Japanese market and Japanese companies wishing to enter the global market.
    Read more about Japan Business Group.