Strategic Compliance Management

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Why we do what we do

All organisations desire to create value for their stakeholders. To create this value in today’s economy, it is necessary to manage rapidly evolving internal and external pressures and growing levels of complexity mainly originating from:

  • Increasing number of laws, regulations, standards and procedures;
  • Changing and more explicit expectations from a more diverse group of stakeholders;
  • Volatile global markets (competition, technologies, etc.).

This complexity impacts the risk position of organisations: their value proposition and purpose, their governance and business model, their operations, their competitiveness and in the end, their potential to survive and grow. On the other hand, it offers opportunities for further differentiation and growth in relevant markets.

Through Strategic Compliance Management (SCM) we offer an integrated, systematic, structured and practical approach to capture and respond to this complexity with the aim to safeguard, build and maximise (long-term) stakeholder value.

Example changing stakeholder expectations:
More than ever, investors evaluate extra-financial performance data to better analyse and underpin their decisions on the short-, mid- and long-term added value of organisations.

Questions relate to topics such as:

  • business risks;
  • the transparency of the supply chain and the security of supply;
  • the robustness and environmental impact of the technology applied to deliver a product or a service;
  • investments in R&D and innovation;
  • governance structure and processes; etc.

More and more investors require answers to these questions. Although providing answers is necessary to sustain trust in the financial markets and beyond; many organisations fail to meet the expectations. Given the competitive advantage an organisation can gain by credibly demonstrating their non-financial performance, we assist organisations in:

  • analysing the expectations of investors;
  • building and strengthening processes, procedures and controls to deliver robust data for investor reporting answering their expectations;
  • issuing assurance statements on reporting.

For more information read EY’s global institutional investor survey 2015 - Investment Rules 2.0: nonfinancial and ESG reporting trends..

Strategic Compliance Management

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Strategic Compliance Management