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Tax policy and controversy

Staying up-to-date with global tax policy and controversy changes can be challenging for even the most dedicated tax department. Our tax policy and controversy network, which includes practitioners in over 85 countries – many of whom are ex-government officials – can help you understand policy changes and resolve difficult or sensitive tax disputes around the world.

Tax policy

With global tax policy in a flux, planning for potential changes in each jurisdiction becomes even more important for multinationals. Our global tax policy network has extensive experience helping develop and implement policy initiatives, both as external and internal advisors to governments and companies. See how our network of tax policy professionals and business modelers can help your business identify and monitor the trends in each country and address specific areas of tax policy.

Tax controversy

Our global tax controversy network is uniquely positioned to help businesses prevent, manage and resolve their tax controversy issues. Our services include pre-filing controversy management and tracking, dispute resolution, return filing, preparing relevant back-up documentation and working with businesses to implement tax controversy management best practices. Using our global network and first-class technology, we help businesses address risk, improve tax performance, better manage controversy and resolve tax disputes — wherever they do business.

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