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Welcome to the new EY Tower, Toronto!

Step into a better way of getting things done. Collaboration rooms, café hubs, sweeping conference rooms and innovative client experience centres – the new EY Tower is the epitome of a flexible workplace.

The sleek design is just one part of the story. At its core, the EY Tower is a fluid, purpose-driven environment that will help our people – and our clients – work better.

Why are we moving?

At EY, our purpose is to build a better working world – a purpose that’s never been more relevant than it is now. We know that if we can push ourselves to keep asking better questions, we’ll help our clients’ businesses work better. And when our clients’ businesses work better – through sustainable growth, job creation, innovative products and successful transactions – the world works better.

The new EY Tower in Toronto is a physical reflection of this endeavour. The EY@Work concept, which we’ve adopted across the country and around the world, harness a flexible, fluid environment that empowers our people to work better and deliver the exceptional service our clients already know us for.

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Building features

The new EY Tower is a blend of old and new. At its base is a structure steeped in Toronto history: the Concourse Building, preserved brick by brick, dating back to 1928. Above it stands a modern tower designed around technology-driven work, flexibility and collaboration. A workplace for today and tomorrow.

On the top floor of the tower, our client experience centre is a landmark space that brings EY to life. It boasts expansive city views, tech-enabled boardrooms, collaborative meeting areas and a dynamic event space. It’s also the home of EY Toronto’s innovation centre.

Throughout the tower, we’ve incorporated elements of wellness to enhance the EY experience for employees, including quiet spaces for recharging, changing rooms for getting ready on the go, showers, bike parking and more.

The tower is also LEED® Platinum certified, showcasing our commitment to sustainability, efficiency and quality of life.


The lobby features art from Group Of Seven artist J.E.H. MacDonald.


The historic base of the building dates back to 1928.


80 ft. windows on the 40th floor.

What’s EY@Work?

High-performing teams

EY@Work offices are designed around how people work, not where they sit. With no assigned seating, our people can choose where to work for the day or for the hour, depending on their work style or task at hand. Whether collaborating with others or getting laser-focused on a task, the options are as diverse as our people. You could start the day in a virtual collaboration room teaming with colleagues across the world, and then move to a private room to take a confidential call. Innovative technology allows our people to connect with each other wherever they are.

Flexibility and engagement

It’s not your grandparents’ office anymore. EY’s recently released generations research found that flexibility is the most important workplace perk among the non-cash/benefits perks. In fact, Gen X said they would be more likely to walk away from their current job in the absence of day-to-day flexibility. EY@Work makes it a breeze, empowering our people to achieve their personal and professional goals in a way that works for them.

Better client service

When we support flexibility, we can attract and retain the best talent. Working with the best talent means we can continue challenging ourselves to ask better questions for increasingly outstanding results. EY@Work embraces tech, too. We welcome clients into a modern, tech-enabled environment with the latest gadgets and tools. Pushing the limits of what it means to problem-solve, our new client experience centre offers an unprecedented opportunity to apply the most creative thinking to company bottom lines.


EY@Work offices are designed around collaboration. It’s about how our people work, not where they sit. This fluid model offers spaces and technology tailored to their needs at any given moment.


Our flexible seating areas are designed for touchdown collaboration to deepen high-performance teaming.


EY@Work enables us to welcome clients into a forward-looking environment using technology such as telepresence, whiteboards, Wi-Fi and more.


The EY Terrace is a client-hosting space on our 40th floor, with expansive, south-facing windows overlooking Adelaide Street.


Our EY@Work offices include features like ergonomic chairs, adjustable monitor arms and sit-to-stand desks.


These informal, highly collaborative spaces with a café feel and casual seating can be used for informal meetings and impromptu conversations.


The new EY Tower is designed with wellness in mind. Bike parking, showers and change rooms support a healthy, active lifestyle for employees.


Ceiling-height windows provide an abundance of natural light, creating an energizing, vibrant environment.

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