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Click on the questions below to find out more about our tax program:

How would you help me develop my career?

EYU is a unique career development framework that provides you the right learning, experiences and coaching to achieve your potential and make a difference for our clients, our business, our communities — and each other. Our EYU strategy is very structured, but very simple. You are exposed to knowledge in a formal learning program; you apply that knowledge in actual on-the-job experiences, while continuously receiving valuable coaching from more experienced EY professionals.

Your decision to become a tax professional is a great start. But with EY and EYU, you have the opportunity to become a tax leader — and that’s how you truly achieve your potential.

What projects would I work on?

As we mentioned, most of our tax professionals begin their careers in the EY Diversified Staff Group (DSG). As part of the DSG, you might find yourself:

  • Participating in a project to improve the tax effectiveness of a supply chain structure
  • Assisting with tax due diligence on behalf of a private equity firm, collecting and analyzing relevant financial and tax data
  • Preparing corporate income tax returns for a large airline client
  • Working with an audit team to determine whether or not the tax accounts are appropriately stated for a media client’s financial statements
  • Analyzing existing cross-border tax structures for a global energy client

What skills and knowledge would I acquire in my first few years?

You’ll acquire tax specific skills such as:

  • Understanding and applying technical knowledge in the preparation of income tax returns and provisions
  • Understanding and applying tax legislation and law to advise clients on tax planning strategies
  • Analyzing corporate tax structures for efficiency and compliance

You’ll also acquire general business skills in:

  • Research and analysis techniques using dedicated tools and technology
  • Creative thinking to apply your knowledge to individual client situations
  • Effective communication and teaming with colleagues from other disciplines and offices
  • Building and maintaining strong relationships with key client personnel
  • Managing a project from start to finish, following appropriate protocols and procedures

What opportunities would Tax open up?

You could:

  • Focus your knowledge and skills on a particular industry or aspect of tax and develop your knowledge to become a leading advisor in that field
  • Take a secondment within our global practice or through our international tax desk program to provide client services in another one of our locations, plus expand your global tax and industry knowledge
  • Share your knowledge in tax journals and magazines, and speak at internal and external conferences
  • Use your technical knowledge to lead an engagement team in providing best-in-class tax services for your client
  • Take responsibility for leading a client account and coordinate teams to bring the right tax services to your client
  • Lead an international team supporting a significant client transaction

Why should I choose the EY Tax practice?

EY is the recognized global leader in tax services. With this comes significant advantages not only for our clients, but for you and your career development.

The opportunities for variety and development begin very early in your career. From tax advisory services to business tax compliance, the size and scope of our offerings provide you with a broad range of attractive career options and experiences.

And while we’re certain such size and breadth has its advantages, we never lose sight of the fact that it is our people who make the difference. They create a rich culture of inclusiveness, teamwork and workplace flexibility as well as an unwavering commitment to learning and development.

What requirements do I need to start?

To join in on the excitement and opportunity, for starters, you’ll need an undergraduate or graduate degree in accounting. We prefer a Master of Taxation and look for other advanced degrees, such as a LL.B. or LL.M.

In addition, successful candidates should also work well both as part of a team and independently, exhibit superior project management, analytical, interpersonal and communication skills, and thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

Are you ready to make a difference to the success of our clients? Now is the time to work in tax. Let’s get the conversation started.