Operational Transaction Services

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Our Operational Transaction Services (OTS) professionals help clients achieve best results by accelerating the effectiveness of every stage of the transaction, including both acquisitions (Buy-Side) and divestitures (Sell-Side), all the way through post-transaction integration and transition. Transitions are becoming increasingly complex, but our professionals understand the factors that drive a successful transaction and make it their job to learn about the intricacies of each organization involved in a deal. And they know that the financial and operational considerations of a transaction don’t end when the deal closes. Using these insights, they leverage the knowledge and experience of their transaction colleagues to help every deal achieve its full potential. In OTS, you’ll gain substantial exposure to a wide range of deals and organizations, which will give you a strong foundation for your transaction career.

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What would my day be like in Operational Transaction Services?

As part of this team, you might:

  • Work with corporate and private equity clients pre-deal to assess synergies, goals and potential integration challenges
  • Evaluate the challenges, complexities and costs of carving out a subsidiary from its former parent
  • Assess and plan the functional/operational priorities (e.g., finance, HR and IT) within an acquisition or divestiture
  • Help organizations involved in a deal to synthesize cultures, IT, financial and accounting systems
  • Devise employee communication plans
  • Establish metrics, timelines and accountabilities

What skills would I acquire in my first few years?

You’ll acquire skills and knowledge, such as:

  • An understanding of each stage of the transaction lifecycle
  • The ability to recognize the challenges and opportunities inherent in a proposed deal
  • An understanding of different types of transactions and the project models we might use to facilitate them
  • Research and analysis techniques
  • How to interpret integrated financial statements and operational information to understand the workings of a business
  • The ability to report clearly on factual information in support of a hypothesis
  • Communication and teamworking skills
  • Client relationship skills

What opportunities would Operational Transaction Services open up?

You could:

  • Use your experience and technical skills to lead transaction integration teams
  • Focus on a particular industry and develop your reputation as a key advisor in that sector
  • Work internationally on cross-border transactions
  • Work in another one of our offices worldwide
  • Take a client secondment to develop your commercial skills and build the client relationship