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Top tax issues for Canadian energy companies

Carbon pricing, US tax reform and workforce transformation are just some of the issues facing Canadian energy companies in 2017.

It’s a business imperative to understand how the new US administration’s policy agenda related to environmental regulations, tax, trade and other matters will play out in Congress and affect short- and long-term plans.

Similarly, in Canada the transition to a low-carbon economy is accelerating fast, creating opportunities and risks that require careful consideration. Do you understand the shifts your business should be taking?

We present a collection of resources to help companies understand and navigate these issues.

Carbon pricing

The Canadian government's Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, outlined critical actions that federal, provincial and territorial governments, with the exception of Saskatchewan, will take to grow the economy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. What does this mean for your business?

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Workforce transformation

As oil prices remain low, companies must balance cost cutting with retaining and recruiting their best talent. Discover what the future of work may look like for companies in the energy industry.

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International tax developments

Global tax rules are changing rapidly. Governments are increasingly sharing information across borders and are becoming stricter with enforcement. Does your tax function understand the critical issues in today's tax environment?

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EY's oil and gas team

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