Women. Fast forward

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Creating a culture of belonging and inclusivity depends on going above and beyond gender parity to welcome, understand and celebrate differences. Only then are we able to bring our true selves to work.

Our Women. Fast forward program is built on the three pillars where we believe we can make the biggest impact – women in business, women entrepreneurs and women in digital. Studies have shown that women at all levels bring unique and diverse viewpoints that enrich and empower businesses to deliver better, more innovative results for their people, customers and shareholders. And, companies with gender balanced teams report better financial performances overall.

We’re still a long way from achieving gender parity, and are overdue to have more women in leadership positions. We need to set the tone for the next generation that it’s yours to be had – push the boundaries and don’t accept the limits others put on you.

Today, more than ever, we need to break down barriers and work across all differences – gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, geography, religious backgrounds, disabilities, political divides and flexible working styles. When we all feel like our authentic selves, that’s when we all feel like we belong. There’s no limit to the positive change we can make, together.

Jad Shimaly, Chairman and CEO, EY Canada

Women in business

Women make up more than half the population of the world yet have long been overlooked as a vital talent resource that contributes to economic growth and prosperity. To accelerate closing the gender gap, we'll need to equalize representation in the workplace, both in established economies and emerging markets. We’re accelerating the conversation about how – and why – to get more women into leadership roles.

Women in digital

The gender gap is getting wider, and it remains a chasm in the STEM disciplines. And at the current pace of digital disruption and transformation, that will soon be every industry. By sponsoring programs that help women gain digital skills and encouraging women to enter, remain and thrive in the tech industry, we can start to shrink that gap.


To accelerate growth, we'll need to harness the potential of women entrepreneurs. Our programs, in Canada and globally, empower women entrepreneurs to think bigger, gain access to capital, learn from their peers and find seasoned advisors. These connections help their companies scale, increasing employment and prosperity.


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