Impact of US policy reforms on Canadian companies

Board and C-suite strategic considerations

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Canadian businesses today face unparalleled uncertainty as the public policy landscape is shifting dramatically, both at home and abroad. Here in Canada, the tax and spending priorities and parameters of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government are markedly different than those developing in the United States at the present time.

On the international stage, due in part to the rise of populist movements, the policy landscape is changing even more significantly, both in magnitude and direction, away from globalization and trade liberalization toward more isolationist and protectionist taxation and trade policies.

Uncertainty surrounding final outcomes of these policy changes (in terms of both content and timing) means that the impact on particular sectors and individual businesses in Canada is not possible to predict. But change is definitely coming.

Corporate boards and C-suite members should therefore be thinking strategically and proactively about these issues.


  • International Trade
  • Tax
  • Deregulation
  • Immigration and border security
  • Five key considerations for Canadian companies