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Accelerating your journey to establishing a thriving workplace by bridging information management and digital

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Managing information in today’s workplace

Business leadership relies on the rapid synthesis of large volumes of information to make informed decisions. At the same time, institutional knowledge is gradually and often unknowingly evaporating from organizations as information management is handled as a tedious housekeeping item or an afterthought to our daily routine. Organizations are waking up to endless amounts of records that are spread among countless people and technologies, and often duplicated, misclassified or nearly impossible to find.

Is your organization ready to begin the journey of digital transformation starting with building a strong foundation of information management? Or have you hit a roadblock in your current information management journey and need some support?

We can help.

Why should your organization care about IM?

Well-managed information and a properly configured information management solution will allow your organization to reap many benefits.

Streamline processes by creating efficiencies and accountability through streamlining, digitizing and automating processes

Add business value by recognizing the value of information and obtaining business value from increasing volumes of information

Enhance information sharing and productivity across the organization and externally

Strengthen governance and regulatory compliance to support proactive disclosure, eDiscovery, ATIP/FOIP, litigation and recordkeeping initiatives, including retention and disposition

Improve accountability to increase oversight through reporting and auditing of business processes and information

Boost search and find to improve productivity and information findability through a holistically managed centralized repository

Enable digital by creating a user experience customized to specific needs of individuals and the organization

Heighten security and prevent unauthorized access and use

Where are you in your IM journey?

Is your organization truly ready to implement an information management solution? Or have you implemented a solution only to find that it’s not effective or that users are reluctant to use it? Ask yourself the following questions:

Are your organization and people ready?

  • Are people aware of any deficiencies in how information is currently managed? Are they likely to support upcoming or recent changes?
  • Do you have a strategy for how to communicate to and train key stakeholders?
  • Do you have a strategy to help manage change within the organization?

Are your information assets under control?

  • Do you know how many information repositories exist, and what kinds of sensitive information your organization stores?
  • Is your information cleansed, de-duplicated and organized so that it’s ready for migration?
  • Do you have an information management information management architecture and defined metadata?
  • Do you have a retention and disposition schedule?
  • Have you developed a migration strategy?

Do you require customization for your information management solution?

  • Do you have a list of technical and functional requirements gathered from key stakeholders so that you know what kind of customizations are required to optimize your information management solution for users?
  • Do you have a plan for integrating the information management solution with existing platforms?

Navigating the information management journey

Every organization’s journey is different. We get that.

We start by listening to understand what your people need to make information management enable their daily routine and not stand in their way.

When all IM information management factors are considered together, from current capabilities and technologies to business requirements and operational goals, we can help you prepare a plan that launches your organization ahead at the right time at the right point in your IM information management journey. While this is the typical journey for many organizations, we don’t believe in “one size fits all” and will help you choose the activities that are right for you.

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