DNA of the CFO Canada highlights

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Canadian CFOs see slower pace of change in the finance function

In EY’s first The DNA of the CFO study, conducted in 2010, we painted a picture of a role that had broadened to encompass not only traditional financial skills, but also more strategic and market-facing responsibilities. Our latest research shows that in the six years since, four forces have continued to transform the face of finance leadership: digital, data, risk and uncertainty, and stakeholder scrutiny and regulation.

CFOs are responding to these forces in different ways, and we are seeing quite different profiles and responsibilities emerge. While this presents an opportunity for CFOs to really shape the contribution they make, it also means that those who don’t proactively define their role in the face of these major forces may be at risk.

The overall picture that emerges from the survey’s findings is that Canadian CFOs’ roles have not faced as much disruption as their global counterparts and that they are spending similar effort in the same finance areas as they were five years ago. Watch the video below or download the full report to see how Canadian findings compare to the global results, and the implications for Canadian CFOs in how they shape their professional development.

Key findings

EY DNA of the CFO Canada key findings

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