Is the future of finance new technology or new people?

Preparing for the future finance function

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In the future, technology and diversity of people will both transform the finance function. Technological innovation will create opportunities to increase efficiencies and enable more insightful analysis to drive decision-making, while automating many of the less value-added tasks. At the same time, the skills required to make the most of the technology will become increasingly important, and the competition for this increasingly rare key talent will create a new challenge as the CFO strives to build the right team. Building a finance function where both technology and people are focused on the tasks they do best to support the organization’s objectives will require CFOs to lead significant change on both fronts.

I’m pleased to share with you our vision of the digitally enabled, talent-rich finance function of the future. This report draws on the results of our survey of 769 finance leaders worldwide and in-depth interviews with 22 CFOs from leading organizations. In the first pages of this document, we provide a snapshot of how the 32 Canadian respondents compare to the global results. In the latter part of the document, we analyze and interpret the global findings in further detail.

We hope you’ll find this report a useful tool as you shape your finance function of the future.

Linda Williams, CA CPA
Partner, Advisory Services
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EY - DNA of the CFO - Part 2 - Canadian Key Findings EY - DNA of the CFO - Part 2 - Canadian Critical Goals


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