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Saskatoon and Saskatchewan

Summary of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan market: 2018 is the year of transition

Saskatchewan is among Canada’s most innovative provinces. Our region is built and sustained by private businesses in agriculture, manufacturing, natural resources and the people who guide them.

We’re experiencing a year of transition in 2018, navigating toward recovery later this year and into 2019. We’re working to help bridge the gaps between aging business owners and a new generation of leaders and family members who will take the reins of our economy. We’re landlocked in the middle of Canada with an urgent need for innovation and informed decision-making when it comes to getting our goods to market. Our resources are at the whim of global forces and markets like China. We’re on the fine line between the past and a more promising future when it comes to reconciliation with First Nations.

We have the ability to nurture and support innovative thinking and foster an environment that isn’t limited by sector. Focusing on areas like consolidation and succession planning is essential. While the lower dollar impacts what we buy outside the country, it supports exporting businesses and gearing up for recovery.

With uncertainty surrounding corporate taxation and questions around pipelines and rail lines still unanswered, we need to plan differently to grow both at home and abroad. We don’t believe a lack of capital is the issue — there’s money to be had and investors are willing. We have to move past the transition stage and into growth across the board.

EY provides entrepreneurial and private ownership experience and insights. We understand the unique dynamics of family businesses — succession, transition, tax planning and how to access incentives. We’ve helped private businesses cross borders and connect with world market opportunities through EY’s extensive global network. Contact the EY team for a better conversation and start the growth journey sooner.

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