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Indirect Taxes

In today’s economy, indirect taxes represent for most companies an important burden often overlooked. However, as transactions become more complex and more and more companies now transact not only locally but globally, the need to properly address the indirect taxes is critical to avoid errors leading to exposures.

Indirect Taxes - Services Overview

We provide assistance in identifying risk areas and sustainable planning opportunities for indirect taxes throughout the tax life cycle, helping you meet your compliance obligations and your business goals locally and around the world in an effort to reduce your liabilities.

Our integrated teams of professionals around the world give you the perspective and support you need to manage indirect taxes effectively. We provide you with effective processes to help improve your day-to-day reporting, reducing attribution errors, reducing costs and ensuring all such taxes are handled correctly. We not only provide assistance on local indirect taxes, such as GST/HST/QST/PST and other indirect taxes but we also can assist you with all the other taxes that exist in VAT jurisdictions where you may have some activities.

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  • Cash Flow Improvement

    Indirect Taxes - Cash Flow Improvement

    • Cash flow management
    • Indirect tax credit acceleration
    • Intercompany charges optimization
    • Review corporate structure
    • Tax effective supply chain management
    • Customs bonded warehouse and duty deferral/relief programs
    • Duty and import cost reduction planning opportunities
    • Cross-Border Planning
  • Recovery

    Indirect Taxes - Recovery

    • Dedicated team to recover GST/HST, QST, PST and other Indirect taxes
    • Combined data-analysis and issues-review approach
    • Customized value-added services
    • Identification of indirect tax exposures and next steps plan
    • Duty recovery and minimization reviews
    • Duty "drawback" and preferential origin and special trade regime opportunities
  • Controversy

    Indirect Taxes - Controversy

    • Administrative process
    • Notices of objection
    • Judiciary process with notices of appeal
    • Negotiations
    • Ruling requests
    • Customs valuation and transfer pricing controversy and planning
    • Audit assistance and duty, interest and penalty mitigation
  • Assessments

    Indirect Taxes - Assessments

    • Review audit reports
    • Recommendations
    • Revision of fiscal policies
    • Appeals of customs assessments, re-assessments and notices of penalty assessment (NPAs)
  • Audit

    Indirect Taxes - Audit

    • Due diligence
    • Asset vs share purchases
    • Reorganization
    • Pension fund
    • Merger & acquisitions
    • Financial institution
    • Internal audit
    • Operational, procedural and technical customs programs reviews
    • Transactional value testing
    • Reverse audit & risk review
  • Compliance

    Indirect Taxes - Compliance

    • Mandatory or voluntary registration
    • Right to claim input tax credits
    • Restricted input tax credits
    • Returns, forms and elections
    • Value for duty
    • Security postings
    • Preparation and filing sales tax returns
    • Self-Assessment

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