Past issues - 2017

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December 2017

  • Asking better year-end tax planning questions
  • Year-end remuneration planning
  • Dimming the glare: steps to reduce controversy

November 2017

  • It’s better to give than to receive: tax-free gifts to adult children
  • Don’t let uncertainty disrupt growth
  • “Reverse loss trading” transactions survive GAAR challenge: 594710 British Columbia Ltd. v. The Queen, 2016 TCC 288

October 2017

  • TFSAs: CRA compliance initiative continues
  • The OECD’s Multilateral Instrument: no time for BEPS fatigue
  • Shareholder buyout goes awry: applying subsection 55(2) to a series of transactions undertaken to dispose of an indirect interest

September 2017

  • Draft proposals include fundamental changes to private corporation taxation
  • Worldwide Estate and Inheritance Tax Guide 2017
  • Low-rate tax trend continues as Canada waits for US to make a move: EY report
  • Application of the general anti-avoidance rule following an intentional use of a trust attribution rule

July 2017

  • Considerations for homeowners looking to rent out part of their property
  • Welcome report on political activities of charities released and related audit activities suspended
  • Six steps to tackle increased business tax risk
  • CRA succeeds in obtaining lawyer’s tax memo

June 2017

  • Budget season 2017-18 in review: what do the measures mean for individuals?
  • Updated online tax calculators and rates for 2017
  • Navigating the challenges of ownership vs. management
  • Application of the general anti-avoidance rule to the transfer of a family business to the next generation

May 2017

  • Cross-border goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax and customs issues
  • Taxable Canadian property under the Canada-US tax treaty and the Income Tax Act
  • Tax transparency: what every CEO needs to know about BEPS
  • Rectification: a defective magic wand

April 2017

  • Canadian Government grants and incentives: an overview
  • The elusive search for certainty
  • Making the best of uncertainty
  • Three trusts are not one taxpayer

March 2017

  • Filing your 2016 personal tax returns
  • Transfer pricing: five steps to reduce your risk
  • Savings or pension plan?

February 2017

  • Qualified disability trusts: focus on the present, with an eye to the future
  • Online tax calculators and rates
  • Form T2200: an employer’s perspective
  • Running the numbers: how data analytics is transforming tax administration
  • The spousal “half loaf” plan crumbles again