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Business continuity plan

Ernst & Young Orenda Corporate Finance Inc.
Ernst & Young Corporate Finance (Canada) Inc.

Pursuant to FINRA and SEC regulations, Ernst & Young Corporate Finance (Canada) Inc. (EYCF), a member of FINRA (, has developed a business continuity plan describing how we intend to respond to disasters or other significant business disruptions. Some of the goals of EYCF's business continuity plan are to protect human life and to ensure that EYCF responds to a disaster or other serious business disruption in an organized, effective and professional manner with a goal of minimizing the effect of the disruption on EYCF's people, clients and business operations. Since disasters and significant business disruptions are inherently unpredictable, EYCF needs to be flexible in responding to actual events as they occur. EYCF's plan provides for steps and communication procedures to be followed at each stage of crisis response, from the initial assessment stage to the response and recovery stage to the resumption stage. EYCF's systems have also been designed to deliver high reliability without having to engage the business continuity plan. For example, where possible EYCF's systems have been designed with redundancy and automatic fail-over to secondary services.

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