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Making the most of your transactions

Finding the right deal. Negotiating the right price. Closing at the right time. When you enter a transaction, you’re entering a complex and difficult universe. The right transaction can provide you with a world of opportunity — as well as significant risk. Understanding the deal at every step helps you achieve its full potential.

EY is one of Canada’s largest corporate finance firms focused on mid-market transactions. Our nationwide, multidisciplinary team has the objective, detailed perspective to help you assess your transaction quickly, reduce risk and raise the capital to make the deal.

Whatever your needs, we focus on helping you choose the right transaction. Our strong track record in advising market-leading businesses and private equity firms demonstrates our commitment to your long-term success. It’s how we make a difference.

Learn more about our services:

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

  • Divestitures

    We work with you to develop a strategy aimed at increasing value. And we strive to help you achieve other objectives, including:

    • Optimizing the form of consideration
    • Reducing ongoing and future exposures (in conjunction with legal advisors)
    • Providing confidentiality
    • Minimizing disruption to your business

    We work closely with you to oversee the divestiture — freeing you and your management team to focus on running your business.

    And together with the professionals of our Transaction Tax group, we can work to help you achieve your after-tax objectives in the deal.

    Recent transactions:

  • Mergers & acquisitions

    We help you, your shareholders and your board make strategic acquisitions or find a strategic partner. Our advisors are part of the global EY network — a competitive advantage that opens your options wide to include the major players around the world. We help you assess your strategic objectives and identify, analyze, value and rank suitable targets wherever you’re looking to operate.

    We help you develop strategies designed to achieve the potential of the deal, provide advice on transaction structure, advise and assist with vendor negotiations and, as required, help you secure financing for the transaction.

    Recent transactions:

    Mergers and acquisitions
  • Management and leveraged buyouts

    If you have entrepreneurial drive, you may want to acquire a business you manage or in which you have a strong interest. These buyouts usually include financial leverage and a close partnership between senior managers and outside capital sources.

    We can help your buyout happen. We work with you to evaluate the target business, negotiate its purchase — including financial modelling, and assessing the business proposition and proposed capital structure — and help you raise financing on favourable terms.

    If you’re going private, we can help you with each aspect of these complex transactions. We work with you to determine the offering price and raise the necessary capital.

    Recent transactions:

    Management and leveraged buyouts
  • Recapitalizations

    Recapitalizations enable shareholders of growing companies achieve partial liquidity and/or finance growth. They give owners the opportunity to sell part of their company while maintaining a significant ownership position, operational control, or both. Typically, the new partner is an equity investor who shares the owner’s vision and can provide resources such capital and strategic management expertise to help take the company to a new level.

    We can advise you on the financial reorganization of a company to achieve shareholder liquidity and increase shareholder value, assist in the arrangement of capital, and other balance sheet restructurings.

    Recent transactions:


Capital Advisory

  • Structure and arrangement of debt and equity

    We have a dedicated team of professionals who assist in arranging financing for acquisitions, turnarounds, organic growth, refinancings, recapitalizations, buyouts and infrastructure development.

    We establish a competitive environment to place senior revolving and term debt facilities, stretch senior debt, subordinated debt, equity and equity-linked securities with institutional and other sophisticated investors. We help you develop and arrange financing by:

    • Developing efficient transaction structures through complex risk analysis and financial modelling
    • Managing the financing process independently of any funding institution
    • Creating competition among providers of capital to obtain the right funding terms
    • Providing leading practices derived from our project and corporate finance experience in both the public and private sectors

    Recent transactions:

    Structure and arrangement of debt and equity
  • Project finance and infrastructure advisory

    With our local and global network of more than 250 dedicated public-private partnership (P3) advisors, we provide independent, multidisciplinary advice to both private- and public-sector organizations to get projects up and running.

    Private-sector advisory

    Our experienced professionals offer well-informed advice to private-sector entities. We provide:

    • An integrated, multidisciplinary transaction team comprising structured finance, financial modelling and tax/accounting professionals
    • Advice on potential local and global investment opportunities for infrastructure funds and private equity clients
    • Advice on risk assessment and deal structuring to help make financing proposals cost effective and tax efficient.

    Public-sector advisory

    We work closely with governments, Crown corporations, local authorities, P3 agencies, and private-sector proponents to develop, finance and close enduring, sustainable transactions. We offer:

    • Advice on business case and strategic analysis
    • Transaction structuring, value-for-money, financial modelling and procurement support
    • Assistance with negotiation of financial and commercial agreements

    Recent transactions:

    Project finance and infrastructure advisory

Financial Advisory Services

  • Learn more about our financial lead advisory services

    In addition to our transaction-oriented services, we provide advisory services that give you the benefit of our corporate finance knowledge and independence. We’ve helped many organizations evaluate their strategic financial options for the short and long term.

    Our advisory services include:

    • Alternatives for increasing shareholder value
    • Optimizing capital structures
    • Analyzing business combinations
    • Developing and reviewing financial models
    • Working capital management

    If you’re contemplating an initial public offering of shares, we can help you select lead underwriters, prepare and review the prospectus and other presentation materials, co-ordinate legal, accounting, underwriting and management responsibilities, determine an appropriate offering price, and review and monitor issue fees and expenses.

*a US registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA.

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