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EY Switzerland

Annual and Sustainability Report 2016

“We invest most of our money in people, by creating jobs and training our employees.”

For this year’s report, we brought together three of our partners with innovative thinkers to discuss the impact of digitalization, evolving work trends and entrepreneurs on society and business. This is representative of how we as a firm aim to work and continue to thrive. We know that we can only succeed by joining forces with others inside and outside EY, across all areas of business and society.

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Digitalization has penetrated all areas of our lives. It is revolutionizing the way we interact with others and is forcing entire industries to rethink the way they do business. Find out more in the podcast and video below.


The world of work is undergoing radical change. EY Switzerland invests time and effort in attracting, developing and retaining the right mix of people for this new reality, fostering a creative, diverse and flexible workforce. Read the interview and check out the podcast and video below for an in-depth look at some of the challenges.


Entrepreneurs create new technologies, business models, services and products that change the global competitive landscape. We are committed to supporting start-ups, family businesses and social entrepreneurs through a wide range of initiatives and projects. Get the details in the interview and learn more in our podcast and video below.

EY Switzerland Annual and Sustainability Report 2016

We’re committed to acting responsibly in everything we do and to using our knowledge and experience to improve people’s lives. In the EY Switzerland Annual and Sustainability Report 2016, we report on the environmental impact of our operations as well as the influence of our services and people on the economy and the communities where we live and work. Our report was developed in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and the GRI data in the report was reviewed and confirmed by an independent auditor.