Two people. One vision.

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Courageous decisions and the commitment of our employees all around the world have made us a global market leader in the auditing and advisory services industry.

The origins of EY Switzerland go back to the Basel firm "Verwaltungs-, Revisions- und Treuhand AG", which was founded in 1917. The initiative to form this company came from Basler Handelsbank, which was also the original company owner. With the new company the bank hoped to gain more exact information about the credit standing of its own clients. Two years later, the company was renamed "Allgemeine Treuhand AG" (ATAG) – a name which shaped the Swiss auditing and advisory services industry throughout the 20th century.

In 1945, after Basler Handelsbank was taken over by Swiss Bank Corporation, the Chairman of the ATAG Board at the time, Dr. Manfred Hoessly, succeeded in acquiring the majority of the company's shares, thus enabling ATAG to build its reputation as an independent auditing company.

Post World War Two, numerous foreign companies set up subsidiaries in Switzerland. For this reason, in 1960, ATAG decided to join forces with global auditors Arthur Young & Company, New York, and set up a company specializing in the auditing of US companies in Switzerland. In 1964, ATAG became a member of the “Arthur Young & Company International” corporate group. However, their Swiss business was not neglected in the process. Rather, organic growth and the integration of established local accounting firms contributed to its development.

In 1989, Arthur Young International and Ernst & Whinney International merged to create EY. In order to demonstrate its integration within the new company to the public, ATAG was renamed “ATAG EY AG” in 1991, and was renamed again in 2000, becoming "EY AG". The next major step in the firms international integration came in 2008, when EY Switzerland combined with 90 country practices from Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa to form EMEIA.

Take a look at the most important dates in the history of EY Switzerland chronologically.

At the international level the history of EY started with the two Company founders, Arthur Young and Alwin C. Ernst.