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What you learn today will be there for you tomorrow

At EY, we're comitted to building a better working world. For you, for our clients and the wider community.

As part of the world's highest performing teams, you'll deliver real insight and value. In the process, you'll have the chance to build relationships with people from all over the world and from a variety of industries, and those relationships will help you to learn, develop and shape your career.

Networks and knowledge that will, in fact, last you a lifetime. You'll be encouraged to find a path that complements your natural strengths and interests while also improving the way we serve our clients.

Joining us is about so much more than just the EY name on your CV.

Use the tabs to explore what our difference means to you.

Global mindset


Are you looking to work in a global organization with global clients that provides you with broad relationships, experiences and opportunities – both at home and around the world? Learn more about our global outlook.

Exceptional experiences


This is about you. It’s about doing what you’re good at, sharing experiences and having colleagues you can turn to for support.

Winning in the market


We help ambitious clients find new ways to do things. That means we have to think creatively and find new angles on old problems.


Working across borders

We look for graduates who can demonstrate a truly global mindset. After all, our services help build confidence and support the functioning of capital markets around the world.

The challenges our clients face are growing more complex, so our high-performing teams work seamlessly across geographical boundaries and industry sectors to help our clients meet those challenges. Our unique global structure makes that seamless teamwork possible, and it also provides you with extensive career options.

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We'll be able to give you real challenge and responsibility from the moment you join the organization. Our teams are inclusive and we encourage you to express opinions.

It's only by respecting the contributions of colleagues that we're able to learn and grow as an organization.

You can also rest assured that we offer great development opportunities, f rom formal training and qualifications through on-the-job learning. Our reputation is based on creating outstanding leaders, who confirm we deliever on our promises. And as you play your part, we play ours.

Looking forward

Recruiting, managing and retaining top talent is at the heart of our vision. We want to create a workplace that encourages collaboration and flexibility – somewhere where the great people who form our borderless teams can truly excel.

To this end we focus on:

  • Attracting the most talented people – if you're a high-performing individual, we'll give you the tools and knowledge to help remove barriers and provide exceptional client service
  • Creating an inclusive environment – you'll be welcomed, your point of view will be heard and your contributions will be valued

  • Offering great development opportunities – from formal training and qualifications to on-the-job learning, we'll provide the support you need to progress your career quickly.

  • Providing lifelong experience – however long you decide to stay with us, the exceptional experience you'll gain here will last throughout your professional and personal life.

Your contribution, our commitment

Our teams are inclusive and we encourage you to express opinions. It's only by bringing together different viewpoints that we can enhance our insights and succeed in building a better working world.

That means you'll have the chance to contribute and take responsibility right from the beginning of your career.

Our framework of learning, experiences and coaching gives you great development opportunities. As you play your part, we play ours.

Building lifelong relationships

Whenever you join us and however long you stay, we want your EY experience to last a lifetime.

To that end, we focus on:

  • Attracting the most talented individuals – we want to be the employer of choice for future leaders.

  • Empowering our people – we'll help you to build the kind of global mindset our clients need from us and we'll reward you for excellence. We'll also provide the tools and experiences you need to develop a successful, flexible and fulfilling career.

  • Connecting with people – whether it's three years or thirty, your time at EY can prepare you for whatever you do next. It could be setting up your own business or going to work for one of our clients. Whatever you do, we want you to stay in touch. After all, lots of the people who leave EY come back, better than ever, later in their careers.

  • Leading inclusively – we know that difference matters. Bringing together diverse perspectives to create high-performing teams gives us an edge. Working here will enable you to interact with people from many different countries, cultures and backgrounds and we'll always value your opinion.

Working at the leading edge

Sustained – and sustainable – economic growth is only possible with a truly entrepreneurial culture. Over the past three decades, we have worked with entrepreneurs and placed a particular emphasis on supporting fast-growth companies. 

As someone at the start of your career, you will therefore find yourself immersed in some of the most exciting businesses. You'll have access to tomorrow's leaders today.

Entrepreneurial businesses are those that take measured, strategic risks to advance. Their fresh thinking and hard work creates positive social change by creating jobs and wealth, and we have developed a strong reputation for working with world- class companies and enhancing their success.

Helping people's entrepreneurial vision to flourish is full of challenges, but also very exciting and rewarding.

That's why we look for people who are inspired by the chance to really push boundaries and make the absolute most of every opportunity.

EY Switzerland ranks 9 in the Universum Student Survey 2018  

Universum Student Survey 2018
EY ranks 9

EY has been voted amongst the TOP 10 of Switzerland’s most attractive employers. 10,823 students across different fields of study have participated in the Universum Student Survey 2018 in Switzerland, giving insights into their career aspirations and their employers of choice.

EY - Best Recruiters 2018  

Best Recruiters 2018
EY performed very well for the ranking of "BEST RECRUITERS" for 2018. In the overall Swiss rating, EY improved tremendously from rank 122 to rank 20, because new processes and handling of the applicants.

EY ranked 3rd in the Universum Global survey World's most attractive Employers 2018  

EY ranked 3rd in the Universum Global survey "World's most attractive Employers 2018"
Universum Global interviewed 225,000 students from the twelve biggest national economies. Among the economists, EY was ranked 3rd, behind google and Goldman Sachs. In the area of Professional Services, EY was elected as the most attractive employer worldwide.

EY is once again among the world’s top 25 best places to work  

EY is once again among the world’s top 25 best places to work
For the fourth consecutive year, EY is on the top 25 Great Place to Work® (GPTW) list of World’s Best Workplaces. This year, EY is No. 19 and is still the only one of the Big Four to be on this prestigious and competitive list.