Consumer Products & Retail

A revolution is afoot in the consumer products & retail industry.

Customers and competitors are evolving rapidly, while brands are continuously fading and emerging in a global market where the west is no longer the dominant force.

Agility, innovation, creativity and a clear strategic direction - these are the key words for retailers and manufacturers wishing to survive in the highly competitive world of consumer goods. 

We have the teams and the knowledge to get our consumer products & retail clients in shape for this brand new order. We know the rules of play and have close links with the most successful companies. Together with 285 C-suite executives from leading consumer goods companies, we have developed a new consumer products paradigm for the future.

We are the global leader in audit and advisory services. Worldwide, our 167,000 people are committed to offering  assurance, taxtransaction and advisory services at more than 700 locations in 140 countries.

GSA is well represented, with 2,000 EY employees in Switzerland, 7,000 at 22 locations across Germany and 550 in Austria.

SMEs, family businesses and international groups appreciate our global methodology and the consistently high quality services that our experienced professionals offer - whatever the phase of growth or consolidation and whatever the situation.

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    Customers are taking hold of the conversation

    Customers are taking hold of the conversation, demanding value

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